Driveclub PS4 Screenshots Selected by Evolution Show The Best Graphics of This Generation (So Far)

Over the past month or so Driveclub developer Evolution Studios has been sharing screenshots of the game on its Facebook page, selecting some of the best pictures created by the community thanks to the game’s advanced photo mode.

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DarkAstronaut1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Driveclub is easily the best looking game this generation. Since it's been working it's been charting well also. Which is great, Evolution is a great studio. The launch of this game was horrid and it deserved most of the criticism it got, but I'm happy to see it recover. It's a beautiful and well made game that deserved better than the situation they created for themselves.

And thinking about Motorstorm PS4 with those black magic weather effects, give me chills. I can't imagine what we'll be seeing in 2016/2017.

sizeofyou1395d ago

Well said. Awesome game that does deserve success. Now.

guitarded771395d ago

I just got DriveClub this week and have been playing the hell out of it. It's fun and challenging, but it has its shortcomings too. Not being able to modify cars mechanically in such a game is kinda lame... the collision detection is a mess (getting fixed in next patch) and parts of the environments don't hold up to the graphics when it comes to car models and other bits. DriveClub deserved the criticism, but it's not a bad game. But you can tell it's a first run... hopefully, they will invest in it as a franchise and DC2 will have some added features.

WickedLester1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )


I strongly disagree with you about Driveclub needing car setup. What for? The cars are already optimized equally so it comes down to knowing the tracks and developing your driving skills. Not every racing game needs a tuning system. Leave that for Project CARS, Forza, and Gran Turismo. If that is your preference then maybe this game isn't for you. But don't act like its a flaw in the game just because it doesn't cater to your personal preference.

Also in regards to your graphics comment. Can you cite specifics where you think this game doesn't "hold up" graphically? I guess I need to go back and pay closer attention because to my eyes, Driveclub is pretty much the most impressive game I've seen this gen on any console.

Khronikos1395d ago

I disagree politely as well. This is a PS4 not a PC with a 980 in it. You can only do so much here. Gamers are asking for way too much from devs on their first titles. Even so collision.... I have had like zero problems with this and I am a top drifter in the game as well a decent racer.

thereapersson1394d ago

Why would you need to modify the cars when they are already built for balance? Just enjoy the ride.

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Muzikguy1395d ago

I'm happy to see this game turning around. I hope the plus version comes out soon so I can check it out! If I like it, I'll definitely add it to my list of wanted games (that's getting SHORTER). I'm trying to be more picky because I don't have enough time to play all these games and "online" hurts that time even more :)

UKmilitia1395d ago

£20 in uk now too,why wait for ps+ version when full game so cheap

Zenith4k1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

This is not an attack so don't take it that way. Though this game looks good I'm still waiting for ps+ version as they promised, they could be selling it for a fiver I still wouldn't pick it up on principle!! There are a hell of a lot of games out this year that have come out too soon and iv been saying this quite a bit lately but I do not buy day one anymore usually wait for game to be fixed and picked up for less than half the price. However saying that it does look lovely just my principles holding me back I look forward to playing ps+ version and maybe picking it up too. But as a gamer I blankly refuse to but day one or less than 3 months after release just to see how things go. Bit of a rant but hope you understand. For those who have disagreed with me hope yea all continue your trend of buyers buying day one and coming on this site to complain about that game for whatever reasons, that way I'll pick your copy up for less than a 15 pound after a few months. Your stupid compulsive buys have caused this game industry to get away with what they like. Morons

windblowsagain1395d ago

I have to agree.

If you buy the full game, you get cars and some free tours for free.

Seriously if your on the fence about it.


nirwanda1395d ago

Where have you seen driveclub for sale at £20

medman1395d ago

I didn't wait, I picked it up a little while ago here in the states for 30 bucks. Money well spent. The weather update was what got me...I saw that, I had to move when the price was right.

Khronikos1395d ago

Please kid, we bought this to support a great developer and nothing more. Most of knew the pedigree. We don't care about your priniciples so stop shoving them down our throats and being so apologetic about it. You get disagrees because you are a walking contradiction. What you have said is an attack. It's your attack based on your principles of not supporting a great dev because launch was rocky. It is your choice. Don't put others down because they wanted to support one of the best devs around who caught a hard break with their last Moto game on PS3.

mmcglasson1394d ago


I respect your opinion and what you do. I however, buy most (not all) of my games day one. For example, MGS, GTA, Tomb Raider, Uncharted. I will usually have those games reserved and pick them up the day they launch.

If it's a game I think I want (usually a new IP), I will wait to see the reviews (multiple reviews and user reviews). I will also usually wait for YouTube videos too. For example, I was wanting The Crew but the reviews were only fairly poor and the micro-transactions turned me off from this game. It's not a phone game like (Clash of Clans)... It's a full retail game. It should have no micro-transactions (period).

Another game I want: The Division. It looked awesome in the trailer/gameplay video I watched of it months ago... However, with Ubisofts recent track record, I don't know if I will be picking this up at all. I will wait for the reviews. I'm hoping it gets an 8 or higher but if it flops... I won't be buying it.

ian721394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

I got this game for £20 yesterday (used from CEX)....also got The Evil Within for £22.50 and The Crew for £25, those both new from GAME... :-)

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FanboyKilla1395d ago

everyday its driveclub this and driveclub that. lmfao. the campaign going on for this game right now is beyond ridiculous. you guys are holding on to driveclub for dear life. hell i want to play it even more now. i just dont think ill enjoy it as much as a sony fanboy, and the fact sony said i would have a ps plus version, are the reasons i haven't purchased it. dont know how much longer ill hold out though. i just find it funny, a ps fan will say its awesome, its fixed, best racer ever. but the rest of the world is like meh, or its aight.

Ol_G1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

So True i bought this game last week and it's bad the cars are fake as in i don't get the feeling i should get driving certain cars enviroments are bland Ai is just driving the perfect line the reflections in the cars do look good but i cant use my g25 and playseat well that's to blame on Sony but all together this game isn't that good and the "it Will get better" excuses by fanboys are unacceptable i paid 60 euros for this and it's a work in progress and looking at the menu i'll have to pay for the other half and the worst part is i bought it digital so i cant return it

radler1394d ago

I got a free copy of this game and honestly? It's one of the worst racing games I've ever played. The graphics are nice (when it's raining, at least) but from a gameplay perspective? It's horrible. Don't waste your money, you'll regret it. The only thing the game is good for is taking screenshots, nothing more. I'm putting my copy up on eBay and I'll use the cash to grab Shadow of Mordor or Alien Isolation instead.

d3nworth11394d ago

You know liking something you don't doesn't make someone a fanboy. People have the right to their own opinion.

twiggytree121394d ago

I truly can't wait for the next motorstorm!

Oldman1001394d ago

Much respect to evolution for this project. The attention to detail is insane!

Blasphemy1394d ago

this game does look amazing, i cant wait to see what gran turismo will look like running on ps4.

showtimefolks1394d ago

great game which was bashed for some early problems which were solved quickly, but people don't want to hear that. In their mind its still a broken game(which BTW it was never broken to begin with)

evolution studios hired a lot of ex developers who worked on PGR series and Driveclub is love child of these guys in a way

awesome game if you haven't tried it yet

Pogmathoin1394d ago

All these great features will be available in a future update.

jc121394d ago

I like DC and all, its a solid game, but Im getting pretty tired of reading all these fluff articles about how great the graphics are. I understand people are trying to compensate for the game's early struggles by incessantly bringing up its graphics, but lets be honest, they're not "THAT" good.

I own the game, and yes, while they are good, they are not MIND-BLOWING. Lets put it this way, they're not so good that they completely make up for the botched launch.

Certain aspects of the game are done very well, like the weather effects. That being said, certain aspects are so-so, like some enviornmental textures and car damage. The damage model is weak to put it mildly. Car damage doesnt always correspond to a collision or crash as it should. Moreover, car damage doesnt affect handling - at all. In a game aiming for absolute graphical realism, DC leaves a bit to be desired.

Bobby Kotex1394d ago

I hope all the hype people like you cause aren't going to make too many people disappointed with this game. It's an OK game. Not this amazing racing game you all are making it out to be.

And the best graphics 'this generation' is not coming from a console.

XanderZane1394d ago

The game looks great, but other games like The Witcher 3, Quantum Break, Uncharted 4, Halo 5, etc... will look a lot better when all is said and done. The game doesn't have the best draw distances and sometimes gets pop-ins. I've played it and the cars don't feel all that different from the others. Maybe that's the balance people are talking about. For me, I don't think the cars should all be equal. What fun would that be? I want each car to be it's own beast and have its own characteristics.

andrewer1394d ago

hmm wouldn't say for sure, there's Project C.A.R.S as well...

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ion6661395d ago

Motorstorm mud effects and driveclub graphics.....FuCkIn! yes please.

lfc_4eva1395d ago

Indeed they are great looking shots.

However I play games, I don't play photo modes or whatever its supposed to be.

DarkAstronaut1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Driveclub is a game. That many people seem to enjoy, which is why it's selling well. It's know it sounds crazy, but people like it and actually buy it.



Blackleg-sanji1395d ago

Damn driveclub is number 7?!? Thats pretty cool im not into racers might pick this up is it easy to pick up on

DarkAstronaut1395d ago

When it launched I wouldn't recommend it, but since absolutely. It's a great hybrid arcade/sim racer and is $39.99 now and works. Most people who play it, love it. The weather effects are unreal.

No_Limit1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )


LOL, so I see you are on your crusade to prove a point by copying and pasting what you posted on the last article. Well, here is my Copy N Paste.

So both Forza Horizon 2 and Sunset did about 500k each so far and the console is about 9 millions sold which means that 1 out of 9 Xb1 owner bought those game so is 1 out of 9 not a good ratio?

For your information, Halo MCC, Sunset Overdrive all debuted #1 on the UK chart, and Forza Horizon XB1 version has been on the chart ever since its debut since September which is quite an accomplishment so you totally ignored that fact and go on to use a recent UK chart in which those games are like 2-3 months old. LOL, sneakily done indeed.

Also, the reason why Driveclub is sitting at #7 and for a few weeks now is because Sony throw in the physical copy of the game for free as an Official bundle in the UK since October and this is the Christmas shopping season so more of the bundles will be sold than anytime of the year that is why it is even in the chart at all.

Happy Holidays

DarkAstronaut1395d ago


Yes Driveclub is bundled in a PS4 SKU. The UK/EU also have multiple Xbox One deals with up to 5 games free. Don't act like that doesn't effect anything.

Driveclub is not all from bundles, don't be ridiculous.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1395d ago

Hey, by any chance do you know exactly how many units has Driveclub managed to sell?...Just curious.
I'm glad this game is doing well;)

G20WLY1395d ago

^ainTgoTTime2bleed, well according to VGChartz (and I can't believe I just typed that!) it's well over a million copies sold at retail now! :)

Great game, now the online cock-up has been sorted - can't get enough!

No_Limit1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )


When did I say it is all from bundle? But the bundle helped a great deal. From the horses mouth:
Driveclub sales explode by more than 999% following Black Friday PS4 bundle offers

"Arguably the biggest beneficiary of Black Friday was Sony’s troubled racing title Driveclub. Thanks to its prominent inclusion in multiple PS4 bundles, the game saw sales grow by more than 999 per cent, sending it speeding back up the chart from number 33 to eighth place."

Also not only Driveclub benefited, but the AC Black Flag on XB1, which has no business on the latest UK chart also benefit from the official XB1 bundle as that game sits @#23.

There is no offical Halo MCC or Forza Horizon Bundle and the Sunset Overdrive white bundle is limited and has been mostly sold out since end of October/early November and its stock comes in once in a while on a very limited basis.

I'll let you figure this one out. I wouldn't have said a word if you haven't list those MS and Nintendo exclusives on your post to troll the other fanbase and all you have to do is list Driveclub @#7 and that should already prove your point but you have other ideas in mind, apparently.

ion6661395d ago

People want to be apart of the cool kids corner to shyt on this game. Then actually playing the damn game.

jwillj2k41395d ago

Is sunset overdrive that bad??

jon3sy91395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

i saw a developer interview for forza horizons 2 where they said there was 4.2 million original drivatars on the game so thats a hell of a lot more than 500k. These fools just make numbers up lmao

listen from 2.30 for proof of 4.2 million drivatars and u only get drivatars on xbox one not 360

SmielmaN1395d ago

This might be the game I trade Destiny in for. I loved motorstorm

XanderZane1394d ago

That chart isn't surprising, it's the UK chart. Euro gamers are HUGE racing fanatics. Euro gamers are to racing games, as American gamers are to FPS. What does the chart look like in the U.S. for DriveClub? You'll probably see more FPS in the Top 10 then anything else.

andrewer1394d ago

lol AC Unity is in 5th, no respect for this chart, had a horrible time with the game

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Bell Boy1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

I suggest you stop trolling then and give Driveclub a go then as the racing is additive as hell, best racer in years imo.

Before I get typical no customization comment, well that is why I bought Driveclub as a pick up and play racer, games like Gran Turismo are not for me (tried it on ps1 and 3)

Before I get Forza is much better comment that is not for me either as I have no interest in xbox (Playstation and Nintendo consoles meet my gaming needs)

lfc_4eva1395d ago


Dude I know Driveclub is a game. I'm saying the article is making a big deal out of the photo mode which is not the game.

@Bell Boy
How am I trolling when I said I play games and not photo modes? Think about it. I don't have XB1 or PS4 and have no intention of getting either anytime soon. I've played Driveclub at a friends who has a PS4 and I totally agree its a cracker of a racer.

BlackPhillip6661395d ago

Hmm you chant photomode making up the eb off the graphics edge for Driveclub, Personally I'm not one for getting in on these rants and raves they bore me , So my point I've never played a racer that can demonstrate what its like to drive an early morning with the light glaring the road hitting your eyes and making it virtually imposable to see whats coming next.

Driveclub does that. Driveclub is not pick up and play it doesn't have an easy mode like I'm sure most need. I'd hate them to patch that in because off people moaning.

Its a challenge that you have to learn and rise to. That lacks in today's racers so many let you scale back until there's no challenge just people pretending they are good at racing games.

Driveclub beyond the graphics that are some the best I've seen is a hardcore racing game that requires skill. If you spend your time in photomode your not racing.

twiggytree121395d ago

@No_Limit And Sunset Overdrive wasn't bundled with the X1? LOL

XanderZane1394d ago


Sunset Overdrive had a limited edition bundle which sold out pretty quickly. Microsoft only mistake was not making more of them. It came with a 1TB HDD and was selling for $350. They are sold out everywhere now.

twiggytree121394d ago

@XanderZane. I never claimed it was available/limited.
He simply talked up Sunset to be selling well on its own, while claiming driveclub was only selling because it was bundled. He simply forgot to add the fact that sunset had a bundle as well. i was clearing the air.

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