It's a Wipe Review - Hooked Gamers

"You know how much easier it would be to be a guild leader if you could look into the minds of other players? Imagine if it were something along the lines of,"Doesn't Care About Loot? What sorcery is this? Pick this guy up while we can, we need another tank anyway." This is the premise of It's A Wipe, a tongue-in-cheek experience about what it's like to be a guild leader in the world of MMORPGs. While trying to get a raiding guild together on World of Warcraft in the wake of the Warlords of Draenor release last month, it seems all too fitting that It's A Wipe drops into my lap. It's a game that forces me to wear a grin, reminiscing about times both hilarious and not so much. Times that any guild leader will have experienced."

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