Persona 5 Details To Come Shortly After New Year’s, Says Producer Hashino

We didn’t get to see anything on Persona 5 at this year’s Jump Festa, but it looks like we won’t have to wait too long for more details, according to producer Katsura Hashino. Hashino shared a little message with Japanese videogame magazines this week.

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Relientk771396d ago

Sweet! Definitely wanna hear more about Persona 5

Yi-Long1396d ago

I seriously hope the western release will include the option for Japanese voices.

There's a huge anime-following for this game, many of whom prefer their anime and games in the original language.

Iltapalanyymi1396d ago

hyping myself up by playing Persona Q right now.
P5 cant come soon enough!

killacal131396d ago

Is persona Q good? I really want Persona 5

DarkAstronaut1396d ago

I'm playing Persona 3 FES currently. Persona 5 is going to suck up a crazy amount of my time.

lazyboyblue1396d ago

Me too. Really enjoying it so far.

TXIDarkAvenger1396d ago

Just finished Persona 4. Love this game, now I gotta go get Persona Q.

Canary1396d ago

...I still need to finish Persona 4. Without getting the bad ending this time. And FES. And Arena. And ArenaU. And Q.

Honestly I think I'm looking forward to the Vita spinoff more than P5. Replaying the RPGs is a real pain in the ass due to all the grinding. And having to sit through all of the same long-ass dialogs again.

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The story is too old to be commented.