GotGame - PlayStation Experience: Take a RIDE with David Bonacci

"David Bonacci, Brand Manager at Bandai Namco takes us around the track with RIDE their newest motorcycle racing game."

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sweendog1448d ago

I have never seen (including this game) bikes handle realistically in game. Why in a full lean does the bike go to vertical as soon as he lets go of the stick? It should be more fluid. They need to add weight to the bikes so if I transition from full left to right it doesn't look so rigid. It looks like road rash or super hang on on the mega drive or any bike game since.

DrGonzo1448d ago

yeah I know what you are saying, but Milestone get about as close as anybody has when it comes to bike physics. Their older WSBK game didnt have the bouce-to-vertical issue that this one does, hopefully it gets smoothed out before release.

R6ex1448d ago

Yup. The old SBK game is one of the best handling bike sim.

Grave1448d ago

It looks so slow. Burnout Paradise = much better.

DrGonzo1447d ago

You did see that the guy was riding around in 3rd gear the whole time because he was too busy talking, right?