Ed Boon Again Hints at Long-Forgotten Character for Mortal Kombat X

Posing a simple question to Ed Boon does not often yield a simple answer, and today was no exception. Asking “will there be a new ninja in MKX?”, one Twitter user got a very telling answer.

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JohnathanACE2028d ago

Chameleon maybe? I don't think he's been in any Mortal Kombat games in a long time.

littlefatgirl2028d ago

Armageddon. I think that's too soon.

scark922028d ago

That was my first thought!

MrSwankSinatra2028d ago

First lets name all the ninjas and see who doesn't fit the description.

Scopion... No
Sub-Zero... No
Noob Saibot... No
Smoke... No
Reptile... No
Rain... No
Ermac... No
Chameleon... Maybe
Tremor... Maybe
Reiko... Maybe (Yes Reiko is in fact a ninja, but wears no mask)

Hoffmann2028d ago

Hsu Hao and Drahmin please.

LOL_WUT2028d ago

The worst characters? Btw it said a Ninja most likely Rain, Frost or Chameleon ;)

scark922028d ago

I would say Frost, Rain was DLC for MK 9!

Hoffmann2028d ago

Frost would make sense. Especially since the game plays up to 20 years after MK9. Would be cool ( no pun intended) to see her back

Monduu2027d ago


Rain is much older than that... he was introduced in Ultimate Mortal Kombat III on the SuperNES ans Sega Genesis, he's oldskool :)

EdMcGlone2028d ago

Article believes it to be Tremor and I'd say that's a pretty good guess.

Hoffmann2028d ago

But we saw Tremor..and even played as him in Mk9 (Vita) already

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The story is too old to be commented.