Dying Light: Lessons from Dead Island

Techland talks about building a beautifully destroyed world and lessons learned from Dead Island

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Meltic1448d ago

The more i see dying light the more i want it. A Little over a month until release.

SeanScythe1448d ago

Why can't they release it sooner???!! The game was supposed to come out in sept 2014. Then it got moved back and they dropped the last gen consoles. So if anything it should be released sooner as in this year!

theXtReMe11448d ago

What I like about this game is it combines the best of quite a few games that I've loved in the past. Dead Island, Condemned and Mirrors Edge. It looks like it is going to live up to the hype, going by the latest videos. I cant wait to finally get my hands on it.

SeanScythe1448d ago

This is old video because he mentions last gen consoles.

Meltic1447d ago

Asked him on Twitter. This record was in september :). Ps3 and Xbox 360 is cutted out.

JamesBondage1447d ago

the video is private.. c'mon n4g enough with the bs videos