Throwdown Your Questions Ep. 16

On this episode we answer a range of questions, some of which include:

*If you could be any Marvel/DC Comics character who would you be?
*Have you ever encountered a fanboy in real life?
*Is Minecraft a great I.P for Telltale to work with?
*What game did you get as a Christmas present from your parents that was a disappointment but you played it anyway?
*Can’t a game be just called a game instead of it being classified as ‘Indie’ or ‘AAA’?
*Has gaming ever helped you get through hard times?
*What is your favorite sandwich?
*When do you see Sony officially dropping the price of the PS3, PS4, & Vita?
*What are your thoughts on the fact that there will be a new Toho Godzilla film?
*Should we talk to the North Koreans to force Sony to sell Spider-Man to Marvel?

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