13 Things You Might Not Know About The Last Of Us

The Last of Us hasn't been around for that long, but that doesn't mean we can't infect our live brains with some trivia about it. Thankfully, the keepers of bizarre factoids at "Did You Know Gaming?" are here to do just that.

The popular trivia-themed video series recently set its sights on Naughty Dog's excellent post-apocalyptic shooter. The results are surprisingly interesting for something that came out barely a year and a half ago.

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ion531395d ago

I've played this game nine times and it's amazing.

As expected for a guy who plays this game that much, I knew all of this. Oh man I want to put it again

nowitzki20041394d ago

Did you play on Hardcore? or whatever the difficulty is called? It is a really scary game when it is set to the hardest difficulty, a completely different experience.

ion531394d ago

Grounded? Hell yeah. It took me twice as long as it usually would xD

ltachiUchiha1395d ago

Never thought any game can beat MGS Series when it comes to connecting to a character then Nathan Drake & Sully & Elena come along and surpasses that & I instantly became hooked with the Uncharted Series but then ND brings TLOU along & takes it even deeper. I could live with the way TLOU ended but I am not going to lie, I crave another adventure with Ellie & Joel. I got so connected to them that I want a sequel badly.

Zenith4k1395d ago

Your in luck than apparently they are making it right now there are articles in n4g about it check it out. The last of us and ND are the reason I moved from MS to PlaystAtion so looking forward to the next instalment

chrissx1394d ago

1 thing I know for sure about TLOU is that its one of the best games of all time

Minute Man 7211394d ago

It is one of the Greatest games ever made. The people whom think video games isn't art need to play or watch someone play this masterpiece.

Oldman1001394d ago

Nailed it. For sure one of the best games I've ever played.

medman1394d ago

Naughty Dog can do no wrong. All hail Naughty Dog.