Destiny The Dark Below Review: VGFirst

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"The first of Destiny’s planned expansions, The Dark Below pits players against a new foe, Crota. An ancient Hive enemy lurking in the Darkness, building an army to conquer earth and wipe out the remaining guardians. Facilitated by an introductory cutscene, the Dark Below sets the tone for an adventure into the depths of the Moon’s Hellmouth."

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Kingdomcome2471397d ago

I haven't played this, but this seems harsh.

Webbyy1397d ago

yup, a 4 sounds way too extreme

Toon_Link1397d ago

No not at all. They call it an expansion but the raid is the only new area. The raid can be beaten in 30 minutes. Same with the strikes and a ton of stuff is reused. I bought the collectors edition and totally enjoy the game but the DLC is so not worth it.

Kingdomcome2471397d ago

I thought it was generally accepted that anything in the 4 range was reserved for broken games. It may lack new content, and be rehashed, but the game has incredibly polished gameplay. I don't feel as though any game with gameplay as polished as Destiny's is can be given a 4. My goodness Aliens: Colonial Marines recieved fours. This is only my opinion, though.

InTheZoneAC1397d ago

wow, so you decide to glitch a damn raid in 30 minutes then complain about it?

seriously??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? !?

Toon_Link1396d ago

@zone you can beat it in 30 minutes legit. Soon as you know the mechanics it's a breeze and way shorter than VoG.

ion6661397d ago

Plus your level capped at 30, If you wanna rank up some more you gotta pay. for that reason alone..... fuck off bungie go back to microsoft.there's only one shooter who loves thier community and thats killzone. home of real skill.

HeavenlySnipes1397d ago

Been playing the heck out of Killzone again since they are essentially allowing playing to unlock all the DLC that they've released since launch through the valor system

BattleAxe1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

I you had said Killzone 2 or Killzone 3 requires real skill, then I'd agree with you, but Killzone: Shadow Fall requires no skill, and it can barely be classified as a Killzone game.

ion6661397d ago

Destiny is a babies shooter. Its gotten to a point where halo copies destiny's titan class completly. along with ground and pound and titan tackle. Because you guys eat it up. why let bungie decide what game mode you want to play. then have it yanked away like a toddler and his toys. Yeah Thats fun. did you pay for a game or a parent.fuck this game...fuck this dlc. and its reskinned enemies.

KidBroSweets21397d ago


A level cap of 30 without paying for DLC is not true. You can rank up to a high 31 but the reason you can't reach 32 is because you need the raid armor and the only way to get that is by buying the dlc to unlock the raid. But outside of raid specific items, everything is possible to get and use if you don't buy the DLC. As for your opinions, I complet disagree with them entirely.

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JediHunter661397d ago

Exactly why I quit playing a month ago. 20 bucks per DLC and this is all they give? Ya I'll pass on that thanks. Besides having way more fun playing FC4, Warlords of Draenor and Dragon Age to even give this the time of day/

Ethereal1397d ago

Although gamers purchase Call of Duty map packs at $15 a pop that often contain revised versions of previous maps and no one bats an eyelash. Just trying to put it into perspective. This dlc added a healthly bit of content for $20.

CorndogBurglar1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

This review is funny.

He pretty much bashes everything about this game with the exception of how well it plays, then goes on to say that he and his friends are still playing it, and he's thankful for having more stuff to do now.

So...why on earth would he give this a 4/10 if he is still enjoying it enough to still be playing it? Why would he basically complain about every single aspect of this game, and then go on to say that he is still playing it and enjoying it?

If he is still playing it and having fun doing it, then he should not have given this a 4/10. That just makes no sense. He's essentially saying that he likes to play crappy games.

objdadon1397d ago

It's just the cool thing to do now, hate on destiny! Lol! Is say the dlc is a bit on the short side but I can't put this game down lol! I go to work everyday looking like a zombie because of destiny!

CorndogBurglar1397d ago

lol, me too.

I have no problem pointing out the flaws that it has, but its so fun to play. I'm sorry, but if a game has kept my interest for this long, and I'm still playing it every day since launch, months later, then there is no way I could possibly score it a 4/10.