10 Best Games In 2014 You Didn't Play

With all three new consoles finally out on the market, previous gen machines still going strong and both portable and mobile gaming rolling full steam ahead, 2014 was a pretty big year for video games. But for every big AAA hit we could see coming from a mile away, there were an equal number of unexpected gems popping up all over the place.

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JoeMcCallister2375d ago

A lot of these are pretty big titles that a lot of us did play, I was expecting a bit more. Also, individual pages for each item on a list is a quick way to have me never visit your site again.

christian hour2375d ago

"individual pages for each item on a list is a quick way to have me never visit your site again."

My exact thoughts as I scrolled down and saw how tiny each entry was. Cracked have been resorting to this crap a lot more lately too, I've started to avoid the place and just watch videos with DO'B in em.

I've played most of these games, hell Towerfall was free on PS+ so I'm pretty sure a large amount of people got their hands on it, it was probably the lack of online multiplayer that killed it.

Also referring to P.T's environmental puzzles as "light" couldnt be any further from the truth. I made it to the end sure, but I couldnt finish it, I had to look up online how to, and even then there was 50 different solutions that worked for some and didnt for others. None worked for me. I havent checked since but I still never triggered that third laugh :(

STeamworld Dig, another PS+ title that a bunch of people have definitely played. And its just your generic mining game that were all over newgrounds a decade ago, fun but nothing groundbreaking (no pun intended)

Velocity 2x, (this was so damn close to being a list of free ps+ games that came out in 2014 its not even funny) personally for me, has been the worst PS+ game I've ever received, its the only time I quit after 20 minutes and never went back to a free game. And usually the free factor bolsters the enjoyment factor.

Shadow of Mordor? Really? Pretty sure i've heard everyone and their dogs Mother praising this title. I know a LOT of people with 360s/ps3s/xb1s/ps4s that played the hell out of this title.

The author said not to scream foul about that last one, and I'd agree on his point if the article was called "10 best games that took us by surprise at a games/trade show convention".

Rebel_Scum2375d ago

The body of the site didn't even load for me so yeah that site sucks.

Proto_d2375d ago

Article says FFXIV ARR came out in 2014 for consoles?! Ps3 version came out August 2013... Only the Ps4 version came out this year. Games amazing but shouldn't be on this list for multiple reasons.

mattdillahunty2375d ago

Hearthstone is one of the most-played games on PC. it's pretty dumb to put it on a list of games people "didn't play."

DEATHxTHExKIDx2375d ago

I only played 3. Bravely Default damn good if a bit repetitive later. Towerfall and PT only because my friend has a PS4.

urwifeminder2375d ago

Never played any of these well back in the C64 days maybe.

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