5 Expansions That Show Destiny: The Dark Below How It’s Done

Let’s face it, Destiny: The Dark Below is not a true expansion pack. At least not when you compare it to some of the “real” expansions that we have seen over the years. While just about everything in The Dark Below is quality stuff, there just isn’t enough of it and it’s more of the same. Here are five examples of expansions that dramatically changed their game for the better, added new interesting content and gave players a fresh and quality experience.

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Glgh1397d ago

Whatever happened to true mind-blowing expansions. Now it's all more of the same, but in "different colors".
I really loved the examples you chose. World of Warcraft has shown the way several times, not only adding new races and classes, but also whole new maps and game mechanics.
Even Diablo 3's expansion kinda sucks when compared to the "old school" DLCs. It's a bit sad, but easily fixable, I guess.

starrman19851397d ago

Diablo 3's expansion was rather short, but the amount of free content they have given and added to that game makes up for it :)

thekhurg1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Diablo 2 - the expansion provided content similar to Destiny. Diablo was always about the gear grind which is exactly how Destiny is modeled. You ran the same act over and over again much like you run the same strikes/raids over and over again. Don't see how it "shows Destiny how expansions are done".

BC - this is a subscription based MMO, it's costing the player hundreds of dollars, not $19.99 every 3 or 4 months. This is not an apples to apples comparison. This also applies to #4 in this article, as Treasure of Aht is part of a subscription based model.

Brood War - yet another example of doing the same thing over and over again. Outside of the map editor, what you actually paid for was a minimal amount of developer created maps with a few extra units to compliment what was provided with the core game. Brood War was also nearly double the cost of Dark Below.

This entire article is a QQ trying to piggy back off the minority of overly vocal gamers that are dissatisfied with Destiny. The latest expansion for Destiny offers great content and for $19.99 or even less as a season pass holder it delivered and continues to deliver hours upon hours of fun and entertainment.

averagejoe261397d ago

Exactly ^^

Comparing a game you pay hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to play to a $80 purchase is not fair.

Couldn't agree more with the diablo and StarCraft points as well.

Sadly, hating on Destiny is one of the cool things to do nowadays.

It broke sales records and has millions of people logging in to play every day. But the vocal minority tries to say otherwise.

pompombrum1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

^^^ In every negative Desinty article I see you posting claiming millions are still playing, do you actually have any sort of proof to back that claim up? All I see is tons of used Destiny copies in gaming stores here in the UK and the trade value for it is ridiculously low considering it hasn't even been out for six months. While there are certainly a fair amount of people who get destiny and enjoy it, I think trying to pass off the hate as the minority is laughably ignorant.

EdMcGlone1397d ago

I feel your sentiment and it's what fueled the two articles (including the one above) that I wrote on the issue. Like I've said in a lot of different places, I don't think Destiny: The Dark Below stinks or anything like that, it just doesn't offer anything fresh or different. More of the same.

I think the reason why those game changing expansions are so few and far between isn't because Bungie won't or can't make them, but rather developers have a strict schedule of content they need to produce and creating entirely new areas/enemies takes a lot of time and resources. It's more economical for them to use the assets they have and save the really new stuff for a Destiny 2. Likely these first two expansions have been planned out long in advance.

Hopefully I'm pleasantly surprised and future Destiny expansions give us something new and exciting (class, areas, planets etc). Raids excluded, so far we haven't received that.

Neixus1397d ago

WoW:Cataclysm pretty much changed the whole game, they remade ALL the classic zones, and made them better and more fun to quest in, even though the 1-60 content doesn't really ''matter'' for the end game.

I find it weird that you put BC over that

EdMcGlone1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

A lot of WoW expansions could have fit in here, it was pretty much a coin flip on whether to include Cataclysm or BC. After speaking with some longtime WoW players, most seemed to agree that BC was more defining and represented the series' golden age. Really could have gone either way though. Your point is well taken.

pompombrum1397d ago

As unhappy as I am with Destiny overall, I don't think it's really fair comparing proper expansions to glorified dlc content packs.

EdMcGlone1397d ago

That's kind of the point. It's branding itself as a expansion pack, when it actuality it's a higher priced standard DLC add on. The term expansion pack triggers a set of expectations that The Dark Below doesn't reach, despite being a decent DLC pack overall.

hasamalaha1397d ago

You could argue either way.

This is way more than standard DLC. Yet, it isn't a full-blown expansion either.

The price isn't really outrageous. $20 ($17.50 if you bought both) will get you more than most DLC downloads. It offers more than most Season Pass for other popular games that generally are $15 to $20.

There's also no point in comparing it to the games it did, because those expansions cost $30-40 at release and also they are PC, which is always cheaper than console.

iiorestesii1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

If your worried about doing the same things over and over again, then try and find more stuff to do between gaming sessions. Destiny was cool for a week.