CD Projekt RED: Witcher 3 Content is "Locked", Final Bugs are Being Addressed With Extra Dev Time

Nerdacy: "We've all heard the recent news of CD Projekt RED delaying The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt from February 25th to May 19, 2015, which initially came as a surprise, but given the amount of bugs and incomplete releases we've gotten recently, this is in fact good news."

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BiggerBoss1547d ago

Well this is good news. It sucks that we have to wait until May now, but I'm confident this game will be worth it

bixxel1547d ago

It'll definitely be worth it.

1547d ago
Roccetarius1547d ago

I couldn't imagine them adding more content as it is now, so crushing the final bugs and more optimization is self explanatory. I just hope i made it in time to get a physical Collector's Edition ordered, in addition to supporting them on GOG.

TheTwelve1547d ago

Make it perfect. I've been ready since the original launch date.

bixxel1547d ago

Hope it becomes the best game ever!

Kingdomcome2471547d ago

I'm ready for your magnum opus CD Projekt Red. I truly believe that this game is a can't miss.

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