Next-gen GTA V sold 1.84 million in November - Analyst

Wedbush's Michael Pachter expects Take-Two to ship 7 million copies of Rockstar's re-release this fiscal year.

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nucky642020d ago

I wasn't going to get it but all of my friends keep telling me how different an experience it is playing in 1st person - so I ordered a copy.

so -anyone here liking the 1st person mode?

JoeMcCallister2020d ago

It really does add a new dimension. I was surprised. I got the thing from Gamefly because I didn't want to shell out $60 for this and I would rather buy the game on PC again than on another console. I'm still having fun with it though, still going through the story again, and the little touches I don't see mentioned like depth of field and improved cinematic camera are very nice.

SamPao2020d ago

Hmm I don't like it to be honest. I mean it looks amazing even in firstperson but the shooting is terrible. Or am I doin something wrong or is there a setting or do I have to level up my shooting skills or anything?

Entonations2020d ago

I always found it a little awkward playing any first person shooter on ps4/ps3 just because of the awkward analog sticks.

xPhearR3dx2020d ago

Change the deadzone to 0 and acceleration up to 50-80% and it will play MUCH better.

SamPao2020d ago

@Entonations I don't have a problem with other fps games on console. I play them all on console. they are fine, you are just a noob :D

@xPhearR3dx thx for the advice!

spacedelete2020d ago

the shooting in Rockstar games have always been terrible. i didn't mind in the pst because there games were good for the hardware they were on but now its its a joke. i bought GTAV for next gen and i'm kind of bored of it. after the graphics wear off its easily the worst GTA game.

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Newmanator2020d ago

Run off the end of the pier and dive into the water in first person. I melted

StrawberryDiesel4202020d ago

It's not game changing, but I will say 1st person mode is fun to mess around with. It definitely ups the brutality and violence, that's for sure. Beating someone with a hammer or hatchet in 1st person is pretty gruesome. Something like riding a dirt bike through the grassy and mountainous terrain in 1st person with some epic music playing is pretty damn awesome as well. I still think GTA is best as a 3rd person game, though 1st person mode is certainly welcome to mess around with and hopefully it becomes standard from here on out, giving the option to the player if they want to use it.

ape0072020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

as amazing as it was on ps3/360, GTA V nextgen is even much better, graphics and details are stunning, feel nextgen at times, FPS is crazy fun, new cars, more stuff on screen, improved vechle handling (better suspension and physics), los santos feel alive not empty like lastgen version, hoods are full of gangsters, dogs and great detail, interiors are unbelievably detailed weather effects are stunning, better car damage, lots of new music, new cars, new animals, new effects(depth of field, lightning), new ambient sound, improved/clearer sound

in short gta v nextgen is the most ambitious and stunning game I've ever seen

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DarkAstronaut2020d ago

"worldwide sell-through approaching 3.7 million units in November alone"

That's an incredible number for a remake.

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snookiegamer2020d ago

Take Two sold almost 2 Million GTA V PS4/X1 copies within just 12 says?

Dang!! ...that's super impressive for such a small (combined) install base! ..testament to the power of the franchise, and the small fact that tons of gamers passed on PS3/360 versions, preferring to wait it out for next gen.

What a group of smart, insightful, and incredibly strong willed gamers you all are! I know I couldn't have waited. Too weak Lol ...Good for you all! ;0)

DarkAstronaut2020d ago

In the US.

They sold 3.7 million in 12 days worldwide. That's how much the game sold total and as impressive as 1.8 is, 3.7 million is even more impressive.

StrawberryDiesel4202020d ago

I'd be willing to bet that a majority of the sales are double dippers, this was a very well made game and the re-master added much more than just a simple resolution bump. It just seems odd to me that someone could resist an amazing game for $60 but have no problem investing around $500 on a next gen console within a year later when the game selection is nothing compared to something like GTA5 with the intentions of picking this up when it was re-mastered, not even knowing for sure if it fact would be given such treatment. I'm not saying there wasn't anyone that did this, but how would you know for sure they would release it on next gen the way they did? There was no formal announcement made by R* stating they would release this on next gen. Skipping an amazing game like this on the PS3 and 360 for over a year with the hopes it may come to next gen would be a gamble I wouldn't want to take as I enjoy Rockstar's games immensely. Seems like most gamers bought this but enjoyed it so much and saw the quality of the re-master that they decided to purchase again on their next gen console of choice like myself.

Niv2020d ago

1.84 teraflops of power bitchez!

ZainreFang2020d ago

I thought gamers were tired of buying the same thing over and over again.


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