The Highs and Lows of Nintendo in 2014

For 2013, much of the news revolving around Nintendo looked like “Wii U-this” and “Animal Crossing-that”. Well, this past year, the news was “Smash Bros.-this” and “Mario Kart-that”. 2014 was doubtless an up year for Nintendo. Not only did Nintendo consistently launch the highest quality games around, we also saw some surprise revelation of the mysterious QOL product announcement. Barring that mystery, it’s time to take a look back at what made up Nintendo stories for the past year. What was it that made Nintendo and its fanstic?

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GokuSolosAll1399d ago

Definitely a better year but the momentum needs to increase and make 2015 a truly great year and make up for the slow start.

DC7771399d ago

Even with it's struggles it certainly reminded me how great and fun Nintendo games can be. Hope 2015 is even better.
Nintendo Wii U:

Xof1399d ago

There were lows? I didn't notice. Games-wise the WiiU and 3DS have had a stellar year. Only real problem is poor WiiU sales, which is unfortunate, as the poorer it sells, the fewer stellar years we're likely to see. I have a feeling 2015 will make or break the platform.

N4g_null1399d ago

It would have been great to get a upscaling on wii games. There are some real gems there. That would have been a treat, remastered games for free!

Some one at nintendo should get on with that.

Some serious highs here though. The Treehouse event telegraph this whole year and how it all played out. The gamers loved it and the pop gamers showed up for the other two bore fests.

The year continued on and titanfall becomes a flop. Watchdogs is warned by all in a patch dialog of all things that it sucks lol and it sells like 5 million or something lol. Everyone hates it except the true walk and climb fans. Nintendo quietly releases wii fit and wii club sports while we all play bops2 and then ghost ir aiming is so much more fun I couldn't force myself to play it with out that. Pikman and w101 came then dkc. This all happened after that great super mario 3d game. Ds games came to the vc, duck tales etc etc.

A ton of mega man games went on sale, miiverse started to get pretty interesting. Then that tree house event came along. That changed a lot. The r and d teams had finished their shiny new building and the money lost stopped so did the wishful doom articles. Then talk of the fusion ramped up. Iwata talked of a unified handheld and console for the home and cell phone like iterations of Nintendo hardware. Does this come with contracts also and scalling hardware like phones and tablets? Imagine a 8 core 3ds with stacked dram over 6 gigs whew! Or an 64 gig of ram super wiiu with a new power glove lol! Expandable consoles and local cloud tech! Solid state hhd with gpus fused on them! Super fx chips!

A 3d mario maker!

Oh besides that xenoblade and zelda with splatoon and a new kid icuras on the level of shadow of the collousis and god of war. Starfox from miyamoto please get a real artist on this game. Starfox is a hardcore tech game. So is f zero. It should look better than mariokart 8. Oh and f zero needs a co op mode so that newbies can get to level 4 tracks lol.

Oh and we need a western fatal frame.

The indy support is way better also. Unity3d 5 is coming. The good stuff will be announced then. A 3d contract done right by nintendo would be so cool. Then treasure could do dlc mod for their type of games.

Some where in a Nintendo cyberdyne lab are nintendo new visual engines. The miyamoto short films shows they are interested in render man quality graphics. Zelda shows glimpses of full Frame vfx that gpgpu are supposed to be better at. Splatoon has tons of metaball hypernurbs. The tessalation works quite well in the wiiu it seems.

I wish steam that turn based 3rd person shooter was coming to the wiiu though or something in a hybrid version.

Maybe nintendo should release a fps engine with unity3d along with retro do it all engine. Then indies could focus on art, gameplay and style. Release nmh3 as the primer game.

Moonman1398d ago

All highs to me. They also returned to profitability. :)