Sony Will Fix PS4 Messages in Future Firmware Update

Carrier pigeons would be quicker than the PlayStation 4’s messaging utility. Those of you that regularly use Sony’s next-gen system may have noticed that it’s almost impossible to correspond with your pals using the format’s text-based tool during peak hours. We thought that a recent firmware update had fixed things, but it seems to depend upon the time that you use it.

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Baka-akaB2020d ago

About time it was at least openly acknowledged as an issue

xHeavYx2020d ago

It used to take forever for messages to arrive, but lately I've been getting the messages right away.

thekhurg2020d ago

I was always getting them quickly but my problem was it would take days to delete.

All crazy... Right now though, the system is working great (for me).

PS3Freak2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

The worst part is how long it can take a voice message to play.

rainslacker2019d ago

It's hit or miss for me. I notice mostly when sending them it can take 30-120 seconds to actually send. I don't really notice receives, since I don't send them, and they load up just fine when I select them.

MAULxx2020d ago

About time indeed. While they're at it they need to fix the audio issue as well. No center channel audio for most games via HDMI. I can't believe it hasn't been addressed yet.

thekhurg2020d ago

Don't use linear PCM. Your center channel will work.

MAULxx2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

I tried DD Bitstream & it did work with Skylanders Trap team.
Why doesn't it work on LPCM? Never had a problem on PS3. I guess I'll have to keep swapping audio settings till they fix it. I love my PS4 but this should have been fixed a long time ago. Ausio is more important to me than messaging.

Baka-akaB2020d ago

It used to be fine for me and my friends, but around the time youtube options were added to SHARE , i've had horribly delayed messageing , friends demands , joint files .

It keep getting worse then better , but it never worked well again .

I especially dislike how i'm receiving message notifications like "XXX has left the party chat" , and especially dozens of days later

JoGam2020d ago

Also the Playstation App need fixing too. Cant receive my messages.

Skate-AK2019d ago

That's weird. It works just fine for me on iOS.

CoTton_MoUtH2019d ago

What SCE needs to fix is error codes for what ever reason All PS4 owners get them.

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ainTgoTTime2bleed2020d ago

I just want the ability to erase multiple messages at the same time like PS3 and also synch messaging between PS3/PS4, hate to be deleting stuff on both consoles...

Articuno762020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

You know, if Sony actually gave all the PSN users a complimentary carrier pigeon all would be forgiven.

rainslacker2019d ago

I would love me some squab for Christmas dinner.

StormLegend2020d ago

The messages are working great now. I don't see the problem, if you don't believe me then try it out for yourself.

snookiegamer2020d ago

Some days PS4 Messaging is Superfast ...and on other days, it's like watching a very old senior citizen attempting to cross the street.

Update is overdue IMO ;/

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The story is too old to be commented.