Mass Effect 4 dev discusses exploration, more details on the Mako

"New details about the tentatively named Mass Effect 4 have not exactly been coming at a steady pace, but every once in a while we do get a little tease from Bioware. Recently, game designer Jos Hendriks shared a few more bits of info regarding the Mako and exploration in the game via a series of tweets."

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pressjudge1455d ago

I think this will be Bioware's best Mass Effect ever.

sarawithteeth1455d ago

Gah. I can't wait to play this game.

linkenski1455d ago

Sounds like they've found a good foundation. My enjoyment of the game still largely relies on plot, though. That has to be right or it isn't a good Mass Effect.

SteamPowered1455d ago

Long Live the MAKO!! Mass Effect was never the same without it.

Mega241455d ago

Keep the steam going from DAI, I believe in Bioware. EA needs to back off and give them space to work.

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