Road Redemption Adds Shovel Knight – PS4, Xbox One In Development, 360 Port “Unlikely”

GG3 writes: "Arcade racer Road Redemption will receive an esteemed visit from Shovel Knight.

Both Xbox One and PS4 were not part of the Kickstarter campaign. There was, however, a stretch goal for Xbox 360."

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user74029311396d ago

how is this game on next gen consoles? omg this is like virtual reality.

Audiggity1396d ago

Fun game, loving the Steam version so far.

BG115791396d ago

Is this a Road Rash remake with Shovel Knight in it?
Take my money!!!!

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error131396d ago

Definitely getting it on ps4 if it gets released.

Ghost_Nappa1396d ago

Did anyone else see Red Dead Redemption for a sec?

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