Livingstone: 'We are in the second Golden Age of games'


Ian Livingstone is one of the UK game industry’s greatest success stories.

Starting up Games Workshop alongside fellow Brit Steve Jackson in their flat in 1975, Livingstone moved from board games and role-playing novels into video games during the mid-‘90s, joining Eidos Interactive and securing major franchises including Tomb Raider.

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Roccetarius1422d ago

Maybe i just can't see it, then? It seems to be more like a dark age to me, both in terms of politics behind the scene and games.

Sure, we get the occasional developer going above and beyond, but most of it just isn't worth it. This year is a good example.

rainslacker1421d ago

I don't see it either. I see a surge in popularity so people are buying games, but don't see the kind of explosion of creativity that we saw in the PS2 days....the last golden age of gaming.

Games really have been pretty much all the same since the middle of last gen, when everything really started to become so homogenized it didn't really matter which IP you brought most of the time, because they were all the same.

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The story is too old to be commented.