Finally Playing The Last Of Us – Opinions Of An Xbox Gamer

One of IM PLAYIN's writers has put down his Xbox One controller to give The Last of Us Remastered a go.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

The Last Of Us is a game that truly has something for everyone. It is one of the greatest games ever made and has become an instant classic.

G20WLY1448d ago

Spot on! The best part is the author lists mostly multiplayer games as his favourites - he's gonna fall in love with the game all over again once he's hooked on the awesome online matches!

Crazyglues1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

yeah online is not for everyone but wow online has been amazing, I only play one mode but when I started I was getting owned every-time...

Then I learned to shoot better and pace myself, take my time and be smart, and what an incredible chess match it turns into... Love the game /Online is brutal and can be really frustrating, but it's also pretty awesome once you get good.

Hat's off to naughty dog they do try to make some amazing games, and the Last Of Us is one of the best games they have ever done.

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N81448d ago

Yeah the online is probably my favorite online since the original gears of war .

sonarus1448d ago

I preferred uncharted multiplayer tbh but the last of us mp is pretty strong as well

ChronoJoe1448d ago

Only problem with the online is that because it's really teamwork, strategically focused, when you're with a team of... less motivated individuals (trying to be polite here), it can get pretty frustrating.

Watching people run off on their own and get killed over and over, or not heal / revive teammates when they can... it gets frustrating.

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xtremeimport1448d ago

Glad he finally played it.
But how can you be a video game writer and only own 1 console? Heck even if you own the other system just to try the exclusives. You dont need to live on that other system, but do you know whats out there if you can't taste both sides of the lollipop?

He should regret not getting a chance to play every single Playstation exclusive. Not because they're all great and better than whats on Xbox, but because if you love games you should be playing as much as you can. Metal Gear, Uncharted, God of War, Little Big Planet, etc.

BigShotSmoov0071448d ago

I wonder that all the time. When I heard employees from gamespot give a updated one year later review on the PS4 and X1 and almost all the reviewers for the X1 except for maybe one said they don't own a X1 and have no desire to even own one, I knew it was time to start narrowing down who's websites I need to start getting my news and opinions from. That makes no sense to be in the industry and not want to own all the industry has to offer.

Ryan7411448d ago

That's half of IGN. On the IGN UK podcast not a single guy ownes an Xbox one.

gaffyh1448d ago

@Ryan - Tbh though, for the big websites like IGN, they will have every console in the office for reviews etc. Just won't own them personally.

Ugly American1448d ago

I would love to play the Last of Us, but my PS3 died a long time ago... It is one of the original 60 GB models, so I need to just sit down and repair it. But I will definitely play it on the PS4... whenever I get one. Prices are going to have to come down to get a new console for just one game. But I also expect as the price comes down on the PS4, they will have some other games that I want to play. For now, I will be patient.

zero_gamer1448d ago

Maybe he only has so much time to play video games and then write, plus managing other responsibilities of life.

I mean, what is the purpose of releasing a remaster on PS4? A lot of people on N4G say it's for PS4 gamers that never had a PS3...

bennissimo1448d ago

Similarly, I dismiss the opinions of gamers who only own either the PS4 or the X1.

Kumomeme1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

not mention Wii U ..i wonder how many so called video game writer own the console

as a video game writer,the person not only had broad of knowledge,also broad of view and experience to judge things better

also,a die hard gamers usually own varied type of platform

well,its no suprise since lately there a lot half asses,one sided journalism work out there

Neonridr1448d ago

lol, how can anyone consider themselves a hardcore gamer and only own one console?

ChronoJoe1448d ago

Hm, I can sort of see where you're coming from BigShot but I sort of disagree too. If you don't think one console represents good value for money then it may be your principle not to support it just because you're 'in the industry'.

With that said, I'm the owner of (not a well known site), but I do own every console. My living room has a XBOX ONE, PS4, Wii U, 360, PS3, Gamecube, N64, Genesis, Snes, PS2, and Dreamcast ready to go at all times. Have some obscurer stuff too (like Sega Nomad) but still collecting.

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marinelife91448d ago

I don't think there was anything on the 360 quite like The last of us, Little Big Planet, or Heavy Rain.

Spartan1191448d ago

I don't think there was anything on the ps3 quite like Gears of War or Alan Wake or etc etc

See I can do it too

Kumomeme1448d ago

we talk about console exclusive,not title that available on pc atsame time

aside gear of wars and halo,there anything quite like ps3 exclusive has and every single of them were quite something to be told

there too many shooters already
no use to force proud of over few things..
no need for sudden butthurt..just play what the best

Neonridr1448d ago

Alan Wake was my favorite 360 game. Gears was ok, but by the 3rd game was wearing thin.

I can agree with you about Heavy Rain, the 360 didn't have any "interactive QTE stories" that you followed along with a pressed a button every once and a while.

showtimefolks1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

I played the last of us and loved it and than GTA5 and it became such a glaring fact how weak of a story GTA5 had. Don't get me wrong I loved it, but ND are in a league by themself. I still don't get how people underestimate ND, that whole UC4 down graded seriously, the game was show in pre Alpha and still looked amazing. Seriously people until ND make a bad game lets give them the benefit of the doubt

TLOU simply put the best game of last 15-20 years IMO

Yaukza 1-2-3-4-5 and every other yakuza game

These are some of my favorite games and besides Yakuza 3, TLOU is my favorite game of all time

JackBNimble1448d ago

sorry but you lost me when you said GTA V has a weak story.

It's an open world game so you can deviate from the story line outside of any mission at any time. Three main characters and points of view with hours of story line. It's a satirical story in a satirical America , but I don't understand how you get a weak story out of GTA V.

I own both games and I doubt that The last of us is any longer of a story then GTA V. I have played through the Last of us three times and GTA V 4 times , but I always come back to GTA V.

The last of us is a good story but far to linier of a game for me to keep me coming back after playing through it a few times. I didn't really like the last of us online game play (only played it a few times)but I also didn't really give it a chance either.

GameSpawn1448d ago

It isn't about story is about quality.

GTA-V, sorry to burst your bubble has a pretty shallow been done to death story. It's the same as pretty much EVERY other GTA since III, just with 3 protagonists (with separate, but occasionally interweaving stories).

Last of Us on the other hand has a story that grabs you. There was a reviewer on Escapist Magazine that compared it to the Walking Dead with decent evidence to back up his points. What he mainly pointed out of both the Last of Us and the Walking Dead is both have narratives that REALLY engage you to care about the characters and what happens to them.

I never engaged with ANY of GTA's characters, but I sure as hell did with Joel and Ellie and even Drake to some extent in the Uncharted series (less so with later iterations, characters took a back seat to the set pieces so I didn't enjoy the characters as much as the vistas and action sequences).

lnvisibleMan1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )


mmcglasson1448d ago

I never got into Yakuza but so many people say it's awesome. I owned one and sold it. I played another and didn't like it. I really don't think I got as far as I should have in the game though.

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user74029311449d ago

one of the greatest games last gen, and still is arguably the top 3 best next gen games period, along with gta v ps4 and alien isolation.

SniperControl1448d ago

i agree, but to me, TLoU is the best game last gen, nothing even comes close to it.(well, maybe uncharted 2)

Also glad that some of the gamers who missed out on it last gen, have the opportunity to play it this gen.

Sm00thNinja1448d ago

Red Dead Redemption was pretty Danny good

nowitzki20041448d ago

Red Dead, Last of Us, and Uncharted we can all agree were the top 3 last gen. In what order? I do not even know. They are all #1 to me.

UltraNova1448d ago

I dont know if you guys are into deep tactical stealth but you need to play some MGS4...


opoikl1448d ago

We can keep going like that, lol. Bioshock anyone?

nowitzki20041448d ago

MGS4 was good but wasnt even the best MGS. Bioshock is great but ill take Red dead, uncharted, and last of us over it any day.

bennissimo1448d ago

Mass Effect?

I played TLoU once and loved it, but then shelved it and never had the desire to play it again. I played the ME series at least four times completely and loved every minute.

To each, his own.

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TheRedButterfly1448d ago

When 2 of the 3 "best next gen games period" are re-releases, you know that your platform's library is "lacking."

FriedGoat1448d ago

He didn't state a platform, he just mentioned the superior version of GTA.

PeaSFor1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

uh, the ps4 has more than the Xbone at least, in the way of exclusives AND digital only games.

oh and the ps4 is ALSO pretty much the default machine to play 3rd party games anyway.

thekhurg1448d ago

They're all better than Ryse and Titanfall.

TheRedButterfly1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

@2.2.1Yes he did. "gta v ps4", and TLOUR... Kinda rules out anything aside from the PS4. Also, this is DirtyPimp we're talking about, so we all know what platform he was discussing.

@2.2.3 More ≠ Better... And even then, better = subjective... Also, not sure how digital-only games bolster a roster.

@2.2.4 Welcome to 9 months ago. Also, I never said the XO was in a better place... But good on you for assuming as much.

its_JEFF1448d ago


Nah, you never said XO was in a better place...but you just stated that "Yes, he did. GTA 5 ps4 and TLOU ps4" so you knew what platform he said as referring to then you say "you know that your platform's library is 'lacking'." Which platform do you think somone is gonna think you're referring to?

If you did mean to say the ps4s library is lacking then that's your opinion, everybody's got one.

PeaSFor1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

"More ≠ Better... And even then, better = subjective... Also, not sure how digital-only games bolster a roster"

no matter how you try to spin it... MORE>LESS.

subjectivity and game tastes also dont matter.

DarXyde1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Actually, The Last of Us is just a pretty hard game to beat across any generation. If there isn't much to compete with them, why pretend it being a cross-generation title makes it any less great?

GTA V, well, that's Rockstar. And Rockstar doesn't make bad games. Personally, I can't think of a game on XBOX One that's better than GTA V. I'd only say The Last of Us is better because I love me a great story and the mechanics just work for me more. Otherwise, GTA V probably beats The Last of Us in terms of longevity. Then again, The Last of Us has multiplayer as well and it's pretty unique.

Either way, they're both very solid games and are just hard to beat. Re-releases or not, they're incredible games.

LamerTamer1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Your logic is "lacking". The library includes all of the multiplatform games too. The vast majority of those look better on PS4. I don't see all that much on the Bone as far as exclusives, not to the point where you can brag about it. They have some good exclusives that they wadded up and released for the holidays but not some big mountain of releases to beat your chest about.

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Words exactly outta my mouth bud, but after playing DAI, I'd add it along with the exact games you've listed... OT TLOU definitely deserved GOTY last year and btw beating out a GTA game especially with GTA 5's improvements over 4 was no small feat... And personally Lou's was on par with a MGS game which also was a feat itself

TedCruzsTaint1448d ago

Could have just listed GTA V, but how would you then display your blatant fanboyism?

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Mr_Writer851448d ago ShowReplies(1)
Software_Lover1448d ago

Why do we have to be so separated? Why do you (we) even feel the need to put "Xbox gamer" in there? A good game is a good game. I understand that, on this website atleast, most people play systems and not games but the majority of the level headed community understands this gaming hobby as a whole.

I understand that the title was put there to give some type of background on a personal level, I think it's just sad that you (we) feel the need to put it in the first place.

WeAreLegion1448d ago

Agreed. I may play more PlayStation games, but I'm a gamer.

Nerdmaster1448d ago

I knew from the moment I read the title that I would find somebody complaining about the "separation of gamers" it would imply.

Veneno1448d ago

Omg the "gamers unite" cry is getting so old. Movie watchers don't feel the need to "unite". Book readers don't feel the need to "unite". People like what they like and should never be forced to associate themselves with anything they don't want to associate with.

Benchm4rk1448d ago

Movie watchers and book readers dont also exclude movies from certain publishers or studios for that matter. To make a comparison it would be the equivalent of a movie watcher only watching movies from Paramount while completely ignoring all the other studios and distributers that release movies or a book reader only reading books from a certain author or publisher missing out on the hundreds or thousands of great books and movies out there. How ridiculous is that. As gamers we should celebrate all that the industry has to offer and not boycott certain games because they dont come out on a certain system. Gamers should unite against the plague that fanboys are.

Baka-akaB1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Not really , they do exclude themselves from certain authors , genre and series of books sometimes ... wich would be a more apte analogy . Same goes for movies and series , with even a few rivalry such as Star Trek vs Star Wars .

Or in comics , and now movies and series , the whole DC vs Marvel thing .

Fanboys or not , extremism or not , people easily ignore or skip stuff they dont like in entertainment

Benchm4rk1447d ago


Agreed but im more pointing to the publisher or studio. Its fine if people aren't Sci fi fans then they aren't gonna watch sci fi movies or read sci fi book and so forth. But it would be ridiculous if that same person excluded everything else that publisher or studio has to offer because they dont like one genre. Theres people out there that wont play any Xbox game or Playstation game because they dont like the system no matter how good the game is. Thats what I find stupid. If a game is good it shouldn't matter what system its on.

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G20WLY1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Seems pretty clear to me that the author is trying to point out (as obviously as he can) that despite generally playing on one platform, he still appreciates a masterpiece on another one.

He's actually making the same point as you are; if a game's good, it doesn't matter what platform it's on.

I don't see anything prickly in this article - nothing to put noses out of joint - only a person's opinion that, by generally leaning one way, he's been missing out on one of the greatest games of the whole generation.

jmidd001448d ago

Regarding your question about adding "Xbox gamer" to the story--I think I may have hit the nail on the head with my comment below. Check it out you may agree.

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Immorals1448d ago

Still yet to play it! Nearly got a ps4 with tlou for £260 this morning, but the deal ended :(

iDadio1448d ago

I feel pretty upset for you :(

jholden32491448d ago

It's pretty good. It not "the best game ever made" like a lot of diehards would have you believe, but it's definitely the pinnacle of the survival horror genre. Which is really saying something.

cemelc1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Not the best for you, dont talk in my place.

One of the greatest game of all time, up there with ocarina, wind waker, bioshock, uncharted and red dead.

LamerTamer1448d ago

Yeah I liked TLOU as it had a good story. It was not my favorite game though. I liked Skyrim much more. The Metro games were good too. That is just me though I don't expect the same from everyone.