Now It's Almost Confirmed, What Do You Want In The Last Of Us 2?

Clipping Error talks about the potential confirmation of The Last Of Us 2, then asks people what they want from a sequel to one of the best games ever made. He offers his thoughts to get everyone started, giving them some idea of what they may like.

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Yi-Long1422d ago

I don't want the EU version to be censored again.

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minimur121422d ago

it was cencored because of EU law, ND didn't do it on purpose hey had to

I ordered the american ltd eiditon, so much better than the one over here. uncencoredness was nice. :)

Fez1422d ago

How come the SP wasn't censored... makes no sense to censor one and not the other! Hopefully they don't get any ideas :/

purpleblau1422d ago

Better graphics and mostly importantly a good story just like the first one.

UnwanteDreamz1422d ago

I want ND to make the game that they want to make. Do what you do and ignore the negativity. I want a game made by ND not random gamers.

KyRo1422d ago

The ending was good for TLOU although I have no idea how people get the impression that they were safe and lived happily ever after because they headed towards a little village. If anything they left the ending wide open for a sequal or am I missing something? Bare in mind I ain't played It through since the PS3 version although the news of TLOU2 makes me want to play remastered to the end again.

medman1422d ago

I can imagine Naughty Dog will go quite nuts making TLOU 2 for ps4...they will push themselves quite possibly like never before and in the end, TLOU 2 will be the most eye opening game in history. The first installment only scratched the surface, and it was brilliant. The 2nd installment will cause mass pandemonium in the streets and in living rooms worldwide. Even the martians will be clamoring for it. All hail Naughty Dog!!

ion531422d ago

For it to be a Joel prequel

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user74029311422d ago

i want a first person mode like gta,i also want to be able to set booby traps in forests and stuff ect.

elninels1422d ago

Why not? Diametric opposition without providing sound reasoning is typically the sign of an emotional, incomplete thought.

First person in GTAV has been a revelation. The violence is so visceral, if only the torture scene could have been in first person.

And setting traps in the forest is an obvious must.

guyman1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )


Pretty self explanatory really, Tlou is a third person game. Usually, i guess, third person games are .... Well designed to be third person. It is fun messing around in first person view in Gta v because it is a large sandbox; it allows you fool around in it. Tlou is not a sandbox. It is a linear, third person story driven game with a serious tone. Implementing a first person view will break immersion, just not feel right and will not sit well with fans. It will be absolutely pointless.

@ drithe (below)

Nothing to see here people, he is probably one of those kids that throws his toys out the cot for not getting what he wants., immature brat.

LamerTamer1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )


And Mario was a flat cardboard cut out side scroller until Mario 64 which was 3D. Does that mean Mario needed to be a flat side scroller forever just because it was originally "designed that way"? No.

Break immersion? More realism means MORE immersion not less. FPV is more immersive because it is more like reality, like YOU are there (unless in real life you really see yourself from behind). In TPV you just control a polygon game model by RC, it isn't very immersive. This is why P.T. was scary, if it was TPV it would have not been as good.

I see no reason that there couldn't be an OPTION for FPV like many other games which include racers, GTAV, Skyrim etc. This way the gamer can choose.

mt1422d ago

I think I saw you commenting on god of war thread saying you want first person GOW. dude not every game has to force first person to make it awesome.

twiggytree121422d ago

Who says it's being forced? GTA5, Skyrim, Driveclub, Forza and so on all have OPTIONAL FPV. There is nothing wrong with having options.

twiggytree121422d ago

As long as FPV is optional i have no problem with it whatsoever.

MonstaTruk1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )


*Looks at avatar*

Do you also want breasts and a period every month? That avatar is just weird. ESPECIALLY on a gaming site with alot of adolescent boys commenting...*smGDh*

On topic: The Last of Us was amazing. The DLC left alot to be desired, though. Come out with a part 2 in the vein of The Walking Dead games with another strong storyline and you'll have another winner.

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Drithe1422d ago

I want this overrated crap of a game to go away. I want Naughty Dog to make a new Crash Bandicoot or platformer game of some kind.

Revengeance1422d ago

Crash belongs to Activision. How many times do they have to say it?

GameDev11422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

not enough it seems, as it seems when ND are asked about Crash, people hear their response in a foreign language they cant understand

LamerTamer1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Really? I thought Crash was pretty lame actually. It looked decent for it's time but the gameplay was pretty shallow and repetitive.

twiggytree121422d ago

yet he is a destiny fan, then goes on to call The Last Of Us overrated crap *facepalm

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memots1422d ago

What do we want ....

Less entitlement and take what they make.

Psychotica1422d ago

Since we pay for it, we are entitled..

ginsunuva1422d ago

But they make it for us initially.

Which comes first, chicken or the egg?

BABY-JEDI1422d ago

I want more entitlement please sir.
(Said in an Oliver Twist voice, if I may add)

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elninels1422d ago

Agreed. Let artists create art.

Imalwaysright1422d ago

Yeah don't listen to your fanbase and turn into Capcom or Square Enix. That'll help ND.

OT Ellie as the main character and Druckman and Straley to direct it.

ps4gamer19831422d ago

No. That ending is more haunting because we won't see Ellie grow up. It's better that way.

The story takes place in 2013 (start of disease). That means they have 6 Billion lives to draw from.

Neil proved that he can write great new characters. No matter what, bringing back Joel and Ellie after TLOU 1 would cheapen the impact of the ending.

Imalwaysright1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

You make it sound as if it is easy to conceptualize and create great characters like Ellie just because. The videogame medium is sorely lacking great characters like her. That should tell us that it ain't easy to create great characters.

I want Ellie to be the main character because to me she was the one that gave meaning to TloU story and without her TloU would be just another game. If I didn't care about her, I wouldn't care about Tlou story. She is that important.

Anyway if you have such confidence in Neil's writing then why don't you trust in his ability to follow up Ellie's story without cheapening TloU ending? You say that there were 6 billion people on the planet but in 20 years..... SPOILERS...... she was the only one immune to the pores. She is one of a kind and arguably the most important person in TloU universe.

ps4gamer19831422d ago

I'm not going to bother to argue with a guy names "ImAlwaysRight".

opoikl1422d ago

@ ps4gamer1983

It saddens me to say that as of 2012 we've exceeded 7 billion.

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ger23961422d ago

Any story that doesn't include Joel and ellie. Their story ended perfectly.

kneon1422d ago

What about a prequel with Joel and his brother? There's 20 years of backstory to cover.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1422d ago

That is a great idea. A story that takes place a few years after Sarah's death would be epic. Seeing the years that Tommy said "gave him nightmares" would make a great story.