Norman Reedus reveals that he hasn't worked on Silent Hills' "heavy stuff" yet

Rely on Horror: When P.T. was revealed as being an interactive teaser for Silent Hills, fans of the classic horror series were quite ecstatic, especially after seeing the names involved with the production of the game: Hideo Kojima, Guillermo Del Toro, and Norman Reedus. Yeah, The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon.

In a recent A.M.A. on Reddit, Norman Reedus opened up a bit about the upcoming, highly anticipated horror title.

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DarkOcelet1397d ago

If MGSV came in February as rumored then i believe we might see Silent Hills early 2016. Oh man i cant wait to play it and i still hope its not episodic as rumored.

vishmarx1397d ago

1)i highly doubt mgs is releasing in feb (though that would somewhat explain bloodborne and w3 fleeing away).im thinking itll release sometime in summer at the earliest.
2) SH is way off. the project is just too damn big and ambitious to be over so quickly. with kojima an del torro at its helm not only is it likely to be the best survival horror game ever but one of the best games ever in general

before playing pt id have said third person any day.
but now id rather have them shuffle between them

HeavenlySnipes1397d ago

It could release Feb-March

They've showed lots of the game and it's mechanics and it looks more than passed its early stages

MrSwankSinatra1397d ago

All i want to know is if the game is third or first person. Personally i hope its both because a change in perspective can be used to mess with the players minds.

moomoo3191397d ago

I could see ground zeros coming out in Feb 2016 ill bet my left nut its not coming out any time soon.

Sm00thNinja1397d ago

Isn't ground zero already out you mean Phantom Pain?