The italian press is at it again: "GTA V is a dangerous weapon"

An article appeared on Corriere della Sera, the most relevant italian newspaper, says that GTA V is a "dangerous weapon" in the hands of a child, but forgets to mention the big red 18+ that shines on it.

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PoSTedUP1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

gta is actually a good lesson for kids. call me crazy, but learning adult themes and scenarios as a child that they dont understand only induces them to ask their parents questions, leading to civil answers about whats wrong or right. or worse case scenario: they punch another kid in the face and then see the horror that takes place with them being scolded, yelled at and/or grounded.

also and it might introduce the fear of death into them (if religion already hasnt), while at the same time teaching them the consequences of what happens if you doing something of that magnitude in real life what you do in gta (get shot at by cops/beat up/killed/chased etc).

idk, all i know is GTAsan andreas has lowered the crime rate in california according to my research and studies (possibly other areas). unless another event took place in 2005 that im unaware of that magically caused the climbing crime rate to drop instantly even as the population continued to increase.

Somebody1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

I don't get it with this crusade trying to associate violence and video games. Countrstrike and GTA 3 are among the most popular games at cyber cafes in my place years ago. You could go to any cyber cafes and you'll find those two games with kids playing them. Even when some of my nephews or young cousins saw me booting up my PC they'll ask whether I have have GTA 3 on it- they don't even recognize other open world games like Just Cause 2 and Sleeping Dog have a similar premise(probably due to brand recognition).

My point is all those kids don't turn out to be psychopathic, road raging killers. We all lived in the age of mass media and gaming is part of it so kids tend to know real quick what is real and what is not. They know they can gleefully bash people's heads up in GTA but once they got out of the cyber cafe, they're back to the real world. Games are just something that distract them during their childhood, like any other hobbies.

Real world interactions with living, breathing people have more impact to kids than games do. They know what they did in video games can't be done in the real world because their actions aren't reinforced. Drop a kid among bad kids and we'll see him/her turn into a bad apple in no time at all.

cfeste1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

You obviously don't have kids, or are crazy (or both). I could not disagree with you more. I do have kids and see what children who have emotional issues act like. I also see what they act like when allowed to play mature violent games. You should open opine when you have experience, and leave conjecture in your head. This is a serious matter, and you kids have no idea what it is like to raise kids in this world. GTA is NOT for children, and your blah blah doesn't add any intellectual angles to the topic. Kids DO relate to all things around them, learn from experiences, and that certainly includes video games!! I don't believe anyone said that "all kids" are affected negatively. Certain kids ARE, and IMO it is because of a lack of good parenting.

cfeste1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

you obviously don't have kids, i simply disagree. You assert that all kids have responsible and good parents. I see many parents that buy their kids whatever they want and are not prepared to explain (or don't care to) what they see and play the role of in games. To think that you can shove a kid in front of GTA and that all is good, you would have to have an issue with logic. I care much more about the health and safety of our society than whether GTA 6 comes out in a few years. I love games, but GTA just hasn't advanced the world in any way, shape, or form.

PoSTedUP1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

well yeah. i meant "can" be a good lesson, sorry. and kids with emotional problems is an obvious no-brainer. i was raised on GTA with no supervision, at a very young age. im fine, but thats not my point nor do i think it is a good thing. parents obviously should get involved and make their own judgement. every kid is different.

gta is one of the biggest games, and if it keeps kids and people indoors out of harms way (litterally lowering the crime rate) that is an advancement because tell me what else is doing such a thing? good parenting doesnt always work, kids still grow up to be ass holes and criminals. all of long island is on heorin, half my friends are dead and these kids that had good parents and strict supervision are in jail for doing things that they were taught were bad. i think having a strict upbringing deprives kids of being kids,not being able to experament with things they would want to and haven learned a life lesson from it. thats probably why they grow up to be rebellious.

not asking questions is a stupid question in itself, and when you are limiting the ammount of subjects andquestions one could ask, you are depriving them and dumbing them down, imo. which is jus logic.

sonic9891448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Look I don't know why people especially Americans are looking to other people like copy clones.
Just to explain to you that not every society culture or religion matches yours its as easy as that.
Gta might be accepted in your country that's your business but in my country its completely unaccepted by any means.
So it depends on the culture of people and their ethics, I guess I made my point thank you.

Canary1448d ago

I don't really think I know what you're point is.

That cultural attitudes can effect how well a game is received, I guess? But then you say some crap about Americans and bring up ethics... which I don't get at all. Do you think cultural attitudes and ethics are somehow intrinsic? They're not.

sonic9891448d ago

When I said Americans I meant the American media.
And by ethics meant the higher values like how serious people take those concepts , not even for fun.
gta is basically created for Americans as the main audience so it caters to them more than anyone else.
Its the same thing how westerns and especially americans react to Japanese games with disbelief.

Canary1448d ago

Okay... so you don't know what the word "ethics" means.

What you're talking about is disposition... IE how serious or relaxed or open-minded or whatever someone is... and that's not cultural, it's personal. You'll meet just as many uptight, ultraliteral, humorless pissants in downtown New Delhi as you will in Taipe or the Upper East Side.

Travel the world a bit and you'll soon realize that culture is largely affectation, and human beings are basically alike--everywhere it matters--no matter where they were live, where they were born, or how old they are.

WeAreLegion1448d ago

What is your country? Heaven?

PoSTedUP1448d ago

perfect reply.

he talks about ethics. now go ahead, ask him what country he is from. (youll get a kick out of this)

sonic9891448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

does it matter which country i am from .
what i am stating is we are different from each other if you accept things i dont accept its ok just dont generalize things according to your beliefs and culture.
i dont care what other nations think of as ok , as long as it doesnt make me look like a weirdo, in this pathetic worthless world .

nX1448d ago

Sonic is just depressed because his games are much worse than GTA. Anyone playing through Sonic Boom is bound to become a psychopath.

WeAreLegion1448d ago

So, what you're saying is...

It's actually fine in your country, but you don't want to tell us which country you're from.

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Baka-akaB1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

If you're going to state such things , then by all mean at least mention which country do you hail from .

I know that in quite afew european countries the franchise isnt any less accepted than in usa . And that the negative reactions is mostly motivated by he same reasons than in the US press and media . LIke sensationalism , misplaced concern about education and morals , a will to censor gaming content etc .

PoSTedUP1448d ago

somewhere in the middle east (muslim, if that narrows it down..)

sonic9891448d ago

so according to you .
you cant comprehend the idea of GTA being or any western game for the matter is unaccepted, the us accepts .
there is a huge world out there with different beliefs i for the matter never bought a mass effect game or a dragon age game or a GTA game .
but that didnt stop me from enjoying the heck out of other games, games which i see great for me in terms of everything .

Baka-akaB1448d ago

Are you for real ? You raised a question about cultural acceptance from your country while being incredibly vague and cryptic about it . I'm asking which country is it .cause it was unlikely to be a western one , that's all .

How the hell do you go from that to "being unwilling to comprehend cultural differences ?"

Oh well enough time was wasted on this ... cause i'm just about to get rude instead

u4one1448d ago

Wait till they learn about Hatred. That game, regardless of your opinion of it, is going to give the gaming community a massive headache and rile up anti video game groups the world over.

rayzorn1448d ago

never heard of that game. so I had to look it up after you mentioned it.

it looked a little over the top from what I seen, for me. probably not a game for me..

i'm sure people will have groups up in arms over it though.

I am not one for thinking video games create monsters at all though. I am sure there are some people that should not play them. like people already unstable or wacko's. lol. and im not one for letting kids play them like people under 15ish.

but I have been playing violent video games for a ton of years and man it takes the stress out of a hard day.

u4one1448d ago

i agree with everything you said with the caveat that i think devs and publishers can push the envelop and explore artistic expression, but should also consider the ramifications to their customers when pushing the envelope too hard on something completely controversial when there is already controversy surrounding said subjects (target pulling gta off shelves for example). Theres a time and place for everything and people should be able to express their views but they should also do so responsibly and likewise we should enjoy the freedom to play whatever we see fit with our hard earned money without others imposing their hangups on said freedoms.

oNoxious1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

All you can do is laugh.

It's baffles me how there's all these "parents" out there that insist on giving the game a bad name and moan that their kids are being exposed to adult things when they're the ones buying the game for them.

These people must be genuinely blind, or plain stupid. There's a clear rating that indicates its for adults, so why buy the game then moan later that it's not child friendly? they need to step back and take a look at their parenting, rather than blame the game itself.

You'd think they'd learn from their mistakes, but you just know they'll be moaning at how inappropriate the next 18+ game is for their 11 year old kids, even though they're the ones buying it for them.

rayzorn1448d ago

its amazing how often it happens also. makes no sense to me.

the rating system has been around forever.

i saw a grandpa the other day buy gta for a kid around 10 and asked the kid right in front of the cashier if that's the game he wanted. the kid said yeah. I don't think it should be the job of the cashier to tell them but maybe they should.

I just think they have the mentality of hey its a video game its made for kids. but they need to wake up and do some research.

Gore-Content1448d ago

The italian press is at it... "again"? When was the last time they were at anything regarding video games?

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