Final Fantasy Explorers Famitsu review translated

Frome the review:
"This game gives the impression of being “an easy to play MMORPG”. It is fun to fight and freely combine numerous abilities. RPG elements are strong, so people who aren’t so good at action can also play. Of course there is multiplayer, but single-player is also included. Many jobs and abilities (which broaden the gameplay) are unlocked around the middle of the game, so it is a pity that the way there feels a bit repetitive.

There is high order of customization as you can choose a set of abilities from plentiful selection without being too tied to a job. Battles remind of MMORPGs as players can take on different roles and show personality with individual abilities. It is smooth to switch to multiplayer as entering and leaving can be done easily. The system is great and it is easy to enjoy cooperative play because one quest can be finished in a short time. The sense of fighting for a common cause is also strong."

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Canary2029d ago

We need more translations of Famitsu reviews just so people can see for themselves how shallow they are. They're really just really basic impressions with a score attached.

enamiiz2029d ago

This game has Online Multiplayer? Well damn! Just did a massive jump on my Most Wanted list.