Why Gamers Should Be Skeptical of The Order: 1886

While the excitement for some of the titles releasing next year are understandable, a few games are somewhat confusing. The excitement for The Order: 1886 however is the most bewildering. The warning signs are pretty apparent and while dismissing the game outright is not the correct course of action, these issues do need to be addressed. This is not a call to never buy The Order. In fact, if the game is good, as a new IP, it should be supported. However, gamers should approach this title with skepticism for some very good reasons.

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ShugaCane1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

"That said, I feel people should really wait for reviews or videos to be published before purchasing this game"

Like reviews are always relevant...

Anyway I understand your point of view and I have shared it since I think the gameplay presents some issues. However we haven't been shown much. Plus, the art direction and the settings are highly original and that's not the kind of atmosphere we see very often.

I am personnaly buying the game because of the utterly amazing atmosphere. The story seems interesting too. QTEs and lack of proper 'gameplay' didn't bother me in Heavy Rain and Beyond (I am not comparing The Order to those games, though), so I am on board for this one, even though TPS is not particularly my thing. But I want to support artistic creativity, because I want more games with inspiring universe.

Abash1400d ago

Ever since I saw the latest gameplay footage released this month, I have no doubt that I'll enjoy The Order. I also love the premise and I'm looking to see how the story unfolds, still the most exciting thing is all the crazy weapons Ready at Dawn said there will be for the gun fights

breakpad1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

i never trust a review from a wannabe-critic anymore ,when your re giving 8s,9s and 10s for games like CODAW, MCC,FarCry (games that should be rated below 7) then you r not worth judging games ..the only review i trust is the sales of the games in specific areas (like Japan or EU)...for the game i say that trumps over any released new-gen title with ease.. also i never saw before so much negative pro-reaction to unreleased game , i know MS is not doing so good against PS4 but is MS paying so much for propaganda ??

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1400d ago

The important thing to remember about articles like this is that it's an opinion, just like mine, just like yours, and just like everyone else. Is this written opinion any more relevant because it was posted on the internet? NOPE. I'm buying The Order not because of what someone else thinks, i'm buying it based on what I think, just like when I bought DriveClub and Destiny, two games that seem to be thriving in spite of all the negativity that seems to follow them. I'm enjoy Destiny and DriveClub very much and I'm sure that I'll be enjoying The Order after Amazon delivers it to my front door.

vishmarx1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

the hate campaign against the game is unbelievable.
ive never seen a game get targeted so specifically by the gaming journalists.

getting it day 1
regardless of the reviews

nX1400d ago

I simply want this game because setting, story and atmosphere interest me. Couldn't care less what a bunch of journalists think about it.

thekhurg1400d ago

My only concern is the letterbox presentation. At first, I didn't think it would bother me, but after playing the Evil Within my mind is mixed. I spent more time than I'd have liked struggling with being able to see. The entire viewing experience felt claustrophobic and I have no idea if it was the game's design or the black bars.

Cindy-rella1400d ago

The title should be "why gamers should be skeptical of every new releases" instead of singling out the order 1886.

This article is another bandwagon article following a trend to hate on the order 1886. The game gets a lot of attention due to the fact that its the best looking game graphically on any gaming system. Some people automatically starts putting down a game verbally because they think graphics cant be amazing and have great attributes in other areas of a game.

The order 1886 is a third person shooter that looks good with good gameplay and has a very interesting story which is worth a buy on my opinion. A lot of websites that reviewed and previewed a lot of games so far didnt disclose most of the negative issues many consumers of certain games purchased. Now we have people saying others probably shouldnt buy or be skeptical of the order 1886.

The order 1886 interests me and im quite sure i wont be playing it and when i press the controller the character is doing things hes not meant to. A lot of the people that would be skeptical of the order 1886 or say it looks bad or something are a lot of the same types that would say uncharted 4 in pre alpha stage was downgraded.

morganfell1400d ago

Well Cindy, taking that point of view would ruin the entire purpose of this article.

This is simply the latest attempt to use a twisted logic they claim should be applied to the entire industry yet have chosen The Order as their starting point/whipping boy. Have you noticed we have yet to see these stories surfacing en masse for other games in the manner they have as of late with The Order?

Suddenly The Order is the game that must do everything.

The Order is the game which you must wait to purchase until after the reviews from sites as equally worthless as fringygaming.

The Order is the game that should be beaten to death as a reminder to other publishers.

Sorry, but I am finding it hard to believe the recent articles supposedly written to make gamers aware of day one purchases are anything other than damage control attempts to downplay The Order and reduce its impact.

badz1491400d ago

wow...where were this kind of article when every other games released EVER? why would The Order get this treatment? stooping so low, nowadays, ha?

the hate campaign against The Order is nothing new. it got people judging it from all angles since the reveal but the release is about 2 months away now, and suddenly this? LOL does the VGCHartz pre-order ranking strikes fear into some people or something that they have to stoop this low just to mess up with people excited about the game?

morganfell1400d ago


It is desperation mixed with fear.

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Fringy1400d ago

I definitely understand what you're saying and it's a standpoint I respect. You're aware of these issues and are acknowledging them, but choosing to invest in the title anyway because of other aspects of the game's design that appeal to you. That in my eyes is fine and dandy.

BABY-JEDI1400d ago

I'm a bit disappointed that you talked about other established games & their demos/reveals. You also go on about the visual letterboxing. Maybe you should just look at the visuals in this case, they are plainly to see & clearly the best that consoles have to offer @ this time. Also the point regarding gameplay. The gun mechanics of late have been received really well. Obviously your positively negative view hasn't taken this in. Then there is the setting. The story & characterisation has been in development for several years. Not the actual game build. Just to let you know.
; )

Ballsack1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )


Fringy is just part of a noname site trying to get hits...what otherway than to jump on the bandwagon and bash a game they havnt completed,or had a proper full time hands on with.

Alot of sites that bashed this game have been impressed with the latest demo but their will still be sites sticking to their guns as to not admit their early bias was unjustified.

Good thing is this hate campaign will not stop ps4 owners from purchasing this game not only that i see the bundles sellng out,sorry fringy we have our own minds,not gona let you authors with alterior motives stop us from enjoying the game.

Fringy you and your noname site have been marked down by me.

Spotie1400d ago

What's NOT fine and dandy are your shitty excuses for why you're "worried" about this game.

Development time? It's not like the game's been in the works for a decade. It's a game at the start of a new gen. That means it's either had to wait for hardware to be finalized, or retooled for the next generation. Neither case is a particular cause for concern, and your example of DN:F is both extreme and terrible.

False claims? Compared to 60fps, which is more fluid, 30fps IS more cinematic. You can argue that all day, but you just don't get that same look at higher framerates. As for the resolution, you've proven yourself to be an idiot by claiming it's 800p. It's 1080p, with RENDERED black bars at the top and bottom to further the cinematic look they want. You've gotta either be a fanboy, a troll, or just really stupid to not see that.

You haven't seen much of the game? Good. I'd rather that than knowing every damn minute of the game, like so many devs are prone to doing. If you can't handle that, too freaking bad, but that's a personal problem. Get over it.

Not every developer wants every game to be shown off the same. It has nothing to do with it being Sony's methods, or Microsoft's or Nintendo's. Every aspect of God of War isn't shown off. Or Gran Turismo. Or any number of other Sony franchises.

And STILL bringing up the demo shown off more than a year ago as some sort of example of how the game is or will be bad? Grasping at straws doesn't even begin to cover it.

You're not gonna touch the graphical downgrade? Well that's good, since there isn't one. I guess it'd be hard to complain about that one since it doesn't exist, huh?

How can you say how boring and repetitive the game is when you previously say you've seen almost none of the game? Do you even understand why that doesn't make sense?

From start to finish, this "article" is unprofessional, rife with some of the worst misspellings I've ever seen, and so full of unsubstantiated, opinionated bullshit it boggles my mind. If it were up to me, I'd send your ass back to school Billy Madison style to learn the English language all over again.

UKmilitia1400d ago

If its done right.
i dont mind and really enjoy scripted linear games and the GTE isnt punishable like other games.

i would rather have a linear movie like experience for 7hr minmum if its only single player than an open world game thats hard to keep track of a boring story.

The type of game and setting(with weapon types) hasnt been done in my memory and i welcome new things with open arms in gaming.

i wont preorder because it annoys me with all the deals about unless a really good offer comes up.but i will be buying on launch.

averagejoe261400d ago

Exactly. People would prefer an open world sandbox with a crappy story than an amazing "linear" game.

For some reason people go bananas over open world. I understand they can be fun, but they can also be lame (as a lot of them are). Linear games are not automatically bad as most people seem to think.

nitus101399d ago

To me a 7 to 12 hour linear or otherwise game-play is not something that is overly attractive. I prefer games that are at the very least 20 hours plus and the more pluses the better.

That said I do like a story and a short story is IMHO much better than little if any story such as what you get with many although not all FPS's, sports and racing games. For people who like and enjoy these games then great for you.

So far the Order looks interesting however no matter what the game I always reserve judgement until I have either played the demo and/or looked at the reviews (one review does not cut it). On no occasion will I pre-order a game since I don't mind waiting.

Mechanism1400d ago

O dear.. The only industry within 'journalism' where a child can write what he wants (just look at his profile pic on the site).

"so linear you could mistake it for an erect cock,"

What an immature little brat. These complaints are all completely unfounded. A graphical downgrade? Or you an idiot? You are the first to try that, and to be honest, through all the unfair bias US media behind this game, no one has been stupid enough to try this one.

Please tell me what is less generic with games like GeOW, and say Halo 5 at the moment? Even Quantum Break (bullet time, WOOHOO, same ish different toilet). Please tell me.. Just idiots trying to downplay an awesome looking game.

This is aiming for a cinematic experience, of course it's going to be linear! Some of the best games in existence are entirely linear.

Stay at school mate, you need to look into different areas of work.

methegreatone1400d ago

Its sad though. I wish RAD would use gameplay like Naughty Dog do. I know that's easier said than done, but still.
Their gameplay philosophy right now, atleast from the demos I watched, is one that pulls the experience down - it hinders the story and immersion because of the seemingly artificial setup.
Still, I did enjoy watching the demo, so...
Not to mention that they haven't really shown any section with the halfbreed yet, and that definitely looks like the best/most interesting part to me.
The visuals are fantastic, no question there. Also, they simulate a lot of realtime reflections and stuff - thats the kind of thing thats really impressive when you play a game.

1400d ago
husomc1400d ago

this is all about game journalists making their opinions count.

darren_poolies1400d ago

Do reviewers have some sort of vendetta against The Order? Did their checks not clear or something? I've seen loads of articles like this for this game and I don't understand. Where were all these articles for games like Destiny?

zero_gamer1400d ago

"Like reviews are always relevant..."

Reviews are only relevant if the game scores high, otherwise you got some serious damage control to do.

SilentNegotiator1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

How many FUD articles are there going to be for Order 1886 before review copies even get released???

Aceman181400d ago

Dear author why I don't care what you think, from day one this game had me intrigued so I will buy it day one period.

Azzanation1399d ago

The problem is games are selling based of brand loyalty instead of game quality, We have seen this with Killzone, Ryse, Knack, Destiny etc. If this game was made by Ubisoft no one will buy it, but since its a high profile brand making it, its allowed?

If we keep forking out our hard earned cash, these companies will continue to bring in cheap gameplay methods instead of the true next gen gameplay methods. Do we want gaming to evolve or continue to offer us last gen experiences or cheap cinematic gameplay elements with just a coating of graphics piled on top..

Nintendo have the right idea of the market, they build games off innovation, not remaking the same games over and over again with recycled gameplay elements of last gen.

Today all were getting is last gen games with prettier graphics. What's the point of Ryse and The Order? Why not just make them a movie? why make it a game if its not offering us great gameplay? These type of games shouldn't be games in the first place.

Keep games as games and movies as movies, stop trying to mix the 2 together.

CuddlyREDRUM1399d ago

Who needs a game with good gameplay?

1397d ago
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Relientk771400d ago

That's nice. I'm still getting this, can't wait

DarkOcelet1400d ago

The guy clearly hates the game. Seriously, so much negativity in the article and said the graphics was downgraded...Really??? I really hope this game is awesome so it can shut him up.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1400d ago


Nice vid. It's the first time i've seen it.

nix1400d ago

ok.. those people who disagreed with UKmilitia..

what he meant was - the game video is so great that all you want to do is buy the game.


as the year 2015 approaches, expect media to nitpick every exclusive game from sony.

BABY-JEDI1400d ago

Well, seemingly it's more positive to be negative (according to the author). He must be big fun at parties. LoL

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chaosx1400d ago

I will rent , this one has my spidey senses tingling !

Gemmol1400d ago

it do not look that interesting gameplay wise, but graphics look amazing, I think I would get more enjoyment watching others playing it on youtube, instead of buying it and wasting money, now if I had gamefly maybe then I can rent, but I do not game like that to make gamefly worth it for me, either way, I will just wait for reviews and gameplay videos

BABY-JEDI1400d ago

So basically you prefer to watch gamers on YouTube than supporting the industry. Good one. Now here's my slow hand clap.
C. L. A. P. C. L. A. P. C. L. A. P

Gemmol1400d ago

Thats all you get from reading my post???

to answer your question no I do not prefer to watch someone play a game, I wrote it do not look interesting gameplay wise, but I am still willing to give it a chance by watching someone else play it, maybe it may motivate me to want to play, you know what I mean

BABY-JEDI1400d ago

Ohhh Kaaay, I understand. A game is normally better to play than watch you know
; D

No_Limit1400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

I'll wait for reviews first. My gut feeling is we will know if the game is good or not will based on when the embargo will be lifted. If it is like Dragon Age, Shadow of Mordor, and Forza Horizon 2 when it was lifted days before release date, and all of them scores great then it is money. In contrast, if it is like Destiny, Assassin's creed unity and Driveclub in which the embargo was held on until after release, then there is a great chance they have something to hide and all those games less than stellar receptions and scores are proves of that.

My advice is not to pre order digital and if you decide to pre order the physical copy at stores, then wait for a day or two from reviews and word of mouths before picking up the game if the embargo is indeed after the launch date.

freshslicepizza1400d ago

agreed. we will see how they embargo the title. my feeling is they will have one which will heighten even more awareness to wait and not pre-order. i dont get why anyone pre-orders and game nowadays. its not like this game will be unavailable if you dint.