Stalker franchise dev, GSC Gameworld, reopens, working on a new game

GSC Gameworld, the game development company responsible for the beloved PC-centric Stalker (often stylized as S.T.A.L.K.E.R.) franchise, has recently reopened, and is already at work on development of its next game.

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annoyedgamer2470d ago

I have been waiting for this for a while.

ATi_Elite2470d ago

There is only One game they should be making and that's Stalker 2.

We have waited and suffered long enough and it's high time for the masterpiece to return.

Stalker is the Only series I hold in higher regards than Half Life and that says it all.

nucky642470d ago

they ought to bring it to consoles (along with pc) where they can make some real money.

ATi_Elite2470d ago

They made real money and tons of it but unfortunately Sergio Grigoravich ran the company into the ground and burned up all the money buying gold toilets and what not.

nucky642470d ago

that's too bad - I wondered why stalker2 never happened.

Adamon12470d ago

I hope the Stalker series gets ported to next gen consoles. I dont have a gaming pc but i've always wanted to play them.

scark922470d ago

You can still probably run them on old enough hardware!

They are not terribly demanding games :)

VegasDawg2470d ago

Agreed and you probably want to use mouse and keyboard.

scark922470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

Hopefully it is a STALKER game!

Its about time STALKER gets the attention the series deserves!

Bethesda watch out! GSC are back in town!

Talgrath2470d ago

Unfortunately, they don't own the rights to it, or at least said rights are a little murky. Expect a spiritual successor, rather than a continuation.