Does Former Naughty Dog Developer's Profile Confirm The Last of Us 2?

Although a sequel for Naughty Dog's massively successful The Last of Us would seem a lock, the recent discovery of a former developer's LinkedIn profile has all but confirmed development has already begun on the title.

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Relientk771449d ago

I think we all want The Last of Us 2

JMaine5181449d ago

Yes, but different story. The Last of Us ended just right i don't want them to ruin that.

BitbyDeath1449d ago

It ended with questions and sequel has a chance to provide answers.

The ending was no Breaking Bad, there is more that can be done yet.

JMaine5181449d ago

Yes it did but I person like that. I like using my imagination to piece together what happen. I also like to talk to peers and get their take on what they think happened. Not everything needs answers for me.

EvilWay1449d ago

I agree just do a completely different story all together. I don't want to play as Ellie because Joel's story is basically over unless they make another Joel/Ellie adventure

theshonen88991449d ago

The developers themselves said Joel and Ellie's story is over. The game ended exactly where it should.


Ellie's confrontation with Joel shows that despite both of them knowing what events really transpired, they are still willing to move forward (Ellie isn't a moron). That surviving is really all that matters to them anymore. Ellie agrees to pretend Joel didn't just damn all of humanity to extinction, and Joel agrees to never admit the truth to her. They agree to live the rest of their lives as a lie. A fake father and daughter in a fake world, "happily" ever after.

It is one of the most brilliant and horrifying endings to any game I've ever played. They would never ruin this.

Sevir1449d ago

The game had an amazing ending. Naughty Dog rarely follows the narrative continuum s of standard sequels. Their games on PS3 have all been self contained stories that share very little continuity beyond returning casts and one or 2 mentions to previous endeavors this is the structure they've used for Uncharted. It won't work for The Last of Us.

Ellei and Joel's Story is a "One of" story in a universe created to have many DIFFERENT self contained stories.

Joel and Ellie's story is complete and ended well. A Last of Us 2 will not encroach on that. ND will likely explore the lives of Other characters and tell their own self contained story.

purpleblau1449d ago

no, it needs further explanations. We want MORE!

ShugaCane1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )


WHAT SERIOUSLY ??? Do you know about something called IMAGINATION ? TLOU doesn't need answers to all the questions ! That is great writing. Making you THINK ! If you absolutely need answers, then it means you did NOT understand how powerful the ending was. Continuing right after that would ruin the beauty of it. There's ambivalence in human nature, that's what this ending means. It doesn't need further explanation.

Now we definitely want more TLOU, but the universe certainly has tons of other stories to be told. I'm sure ND will surprise us in the best possible way.

mikeslemonade1449d ago

The "imagination" excuse is BS. If Naughty Dog said it's complete then fine, but you all would be excited for this game.

If I had to choose between a new story in that universe or a continuation, I rather have the continuation.

Imagination is BS. Most gamers don't read for fun. They want to be fed an experience. Books, TV shows, and Movies is utilizes the cliffhanger and mystery for hype.

For gaming, using a cliffhanger approach is not as ideal because gaming is much more than a story. For example maybe you want to keep playing the game as Joel the character. For me, I did'nt care much about Joel but the way his character is when you play as him is great. He's a like a "weaker" character that adds gels well with the survival horror genre.

ShugaCane1449d ago


"Imagination is BS. Most gamers don't read for fun"

My god... That's the kind of speech that makes people think gamers are dumb and have no intellectual qualities.

That is utterly sad.

BitbyDeath1449d ago

@ShugaCane, you don't have to play it and can keep using your imagination if that is what you prefer.

jon12341449d ago

joel and ellies story is over , ellie hates joel now she knows joel lied

darren_poolies1449d ago

And that is the exact reason I love LOST lol

OB1Biker1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

I dont agree.
You dont know if 'they damm all humanity to extinction' as you put it..
You dont know (and I strongly believe) their 'operation' would not have been successful. their 'doctors' selfish quest to sacrifice any kids with some sort of immunity to try find out an antidote for their sole 'community' to take over the world.
The true humanity is within the one they join at the end and possibly other kids similar to Ellie will join
Also why on earth everyone seems to think Ellie is the only one? Seems clear a new generation was born, some with slight immunity like the kids that were treated like 'specimen' at the Fireflies and some with strong immunity like Ellie

theshonen88991449d ago



We don't know that Ellie is the only one. We do know that Ellie and the Fireflies represented one of humanity's last great hopes for survival. The Fireflies would not have had Ellie travel across the country if they had other more feasible opportunities. Just because Ellie is immune to the virus doesn't means she's invincible. It is likely that any of the other immune children would still have been killed, either by clickers or scavengers.

Could there be other hopes for survival? Sure, but Joel eviscerated one of the best chances humanity had.

AirJohnston1448d ago

Some of these comments are so dumb. Joel and Ellie's story ended perfectly, why would they try to add on to it? Say they do continue the story, and it's not what some people thought or wanted to happen. The first game's legacy is tarnished then just because they didn't please everyone. With the first game they could do whatever they wanted because no one knew what to expect, but with a potential continuation they would have to play into the hands of dumb fans who think they know what's best, or else the game gets tarnished. I'd support new characters and a new story, but that's all

IIFloodyII1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Not according to Neil Druckmann.


He said it was Ellie realizing that Joel can't be trusted and that she should move on. But he also said that that's just his interpretation of the ending. It's why I hope they never follow up with Joel and Ellie, just let us come up with are own interpretations of the ending, less disappointment that way and zero chances of it ruining The Last of Us' amazing story.

You can read what he said here.
I don't really agree with it, but if it does get a direct sequel, he'll likely have the final say on what happens.

OB1Biker1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

'The fireflies a great hope for humanity?'
A group waging guerrila warfare for 20 year VS jimmys group trying to rebuilt civilisation.
Also if you take Joel point of view it should come as a huge punch in your face when joel meets the fireflies to realise they dont excatly reflects the hope for a bright future of mankind as they just knock joel out while he was merely trying to ressucitae half drown ellie. And when he wakes up they tell him they got to operate (and kill) her in the next hour cos humanity (which had waited 20 year) can't wait any longer to be 'saved'
Man kind hope is that Ellies and her kind live and not that they die

theshonen88991448d ago

@OB1Biker I really can't understand what you're writing anymore because of your syntax...

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badboyz091449d ago

Lets focus on the Movie for now.

showtimefolks1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

I don't think its a top secret, TLOU has been very successful so it makes sense, plus the ending of the last of us left a lot of possibilities. It's not like we got this ending of everything is fixed, if we all remember(SPOILER ALERT) world is is a mess

Also I think TLOU is In development and not like early development with. Fall 2016 is gonna be the next ND game I think. It's not like the whole team did the last of us remastered. I am sure they planned out and they already knew where to go next

But here is the thing whatever ND do next I am all for it, they are the only development studios who haven't let us down in a long, long, long time.

The last of us

So if anyone, ND deserves the benefit of the doubt

CD red project

Are some of the best development houses

roadkillers1449d ago

I agree, call it something different though. Something along the lines of Shadow of the Colossus did for Ico. Or what Hannibal did with Silence of the Lambs. I'm sure there are better examples.

Dannycr1449d ago

I don't want a sequel. I want it to end there. I don't mind not knowing all the answers. It's the same with Inception, it's a better ending without sequels.

UKmilitia1449d ago

it would be nice to see somethingh from another perspective over in a different area of the world/country,maybe a character that crosses paths (tommy and maria)for example it could tell story fro mwhen he left joel,then when they cross paths again and thenobviously after.

Idont know but i would love more,but what worries me is ,could you created 2 amazing characters like that again??

best game i ever played

Dannycr1448d ago


Yeah, but that will be a spinoff not a sequel. A sequel has to follow the ending of the first one.

Could you create 2 amazing characters? Well, if I look at Uncharted, yes, they can. In U2 they added Chloe which was an amazing charater

ion531449d ago

I want a Joel prequel

JBaby3431448d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. We don't need a sequel. *SPOILERS* - there is a wealth of story to be told in a Joel prequel. Him and Tommy together in the "nightmare" years and all the other experiences Joel had.

ion531448d ago

^^ yeah dude. How he met Tess. What happened to his wife. What happened with Tommy. Hell, maybe we can even play as Tommy in those 20 years. Whatever. I just don't want a sequel yet

Crazyglues1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

How could you not want a Part 2... The Last of Us 2 would be an amazing game, especially if it's designed from the ground up on PS4

A true Next Gen sequel would be unreal / I think naughty dog could push this game far past the aspirations of the last game, now that you can do things that could only be done on next gen...

||.........___||............ ||

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DarkAstronaut1449d ago

Well that's that. The Last Us 2 is in production. This just made my day.

Neixus1449d ago

Yup, ND can not deny this :D

Linked.In is like the Facebook of job listings, and is taken very seriously.

Hopefully we get to fight infected animals. Imagine fighting a tiger that's infected, gives me the chills!

goldwyncq1449d ago

An infected elephant would make for one hell of a boss fight.

DigitalRaptor1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )


I never thought TLOU could justify a sequel (obviously Sony can since the first sold loads), but now I'm thinking of the possibilities on PS4, and my mind goes wild.

If they started production work on this before April of this year, then they could easily have something to tease at E3 2015, and have it ship before the end of 2016. They wouldn't have needed an entire team to work on the remaster, so the rest of the team were likely prototyping a sequel this past year and then beginning to ramp things up.

TLOU took about 4 years to make because they were establishing a new IP, so I don't think a sequel would take as long to forge. But then there's the question of Neil and Bruce and their roles, and splitting their time between TLOU2 and Drake's 4.

OB1Biker1449d ago

I think ND had like 4 new different project going on at the same time. It doesnt mean they keep this one going.. We never know, the future will tell

Kamikaze1351449d ago

They pretty much already confirmed it a few months ago:

After how well it did, there is no doubt we're getting a new one.

Kayant1449d ago

Read the story - KDrama Stars,KpopStarz always posts fake info that seems plausible.

Ezz20131449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

@[email protected] OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG


NewAgeisHere1449d ago

Yes! Now please make Ellie bisexual.......some of us still hope....:).

WitWolfy1449d ago

Wtf dude shes like 14...

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