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Nintendo claims more great games than both the Xbox One and PS4 combined

The Eccentric Gamer Writes: "Nintendo has been known to take shots at the competition, but this time they might have looked more delusional than normal, or are they?

In a holiday shopping PR stunt, Nintendo has claimed that the 3DS and WII U has 11 more quality games than the PS4 and Xbox One combined."

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Community2063d ago
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Zaphire2063d ago

I think the new pokemon games really boosted them again

CptEccentric2063d ago

Definately did, and super smash bros! But still, those games are for a completely different audience.


XisThatKid2063d ago

from who's perspective, Nintendo's?

ChronoJoe2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

Alongside the 85 cuttoff another major problem with this data is that it filters by critic AND user ratings.

The problem with this, that it cuts off many titles rated above 85, that merely have user scores below 85. Many of these are titles like Minecraft on PS4, which have has had it's user score lowered because of the 'PC masterrace' debate.

If we were to include all PS4 titles with a critical rating above 85, then we'd have 22, relative to the Wii U's 20. So that's the PS4 alone, with a larger number of 'high quality' titles.

That's not to discredit the Wii U's lineup, it's great. I think the problem for them has been getting a varied lineup though, no one has ever said their Mario games are rubbish, but they do often offer a similar experience from one title to the next. Meanwhile if you go from Far Cry 4, to GTAV (two games on PS4, but not Wii U)... those two games share a genre, but they're pretty drastically different even between one another.

I should also add, I'm not really certain how much titles like Darksiders 2, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Skylanders Giants, or Batman Arkham Knight should really factor into the Wii U's lineup from a consumer perspective. Many will have had opportunity to play those titles previously, when they launched several years before.

I have no intention to burst anyone's bubble, but it's hard to take this kind of data at face value... it's a shame that Nintendo thought they needed this really, because even without inflating the quality of there lineup with very selective sampling, it's still very strong and they should let that stand for itself. No need skew things in this way.

mikeslemonade2063d ago

Nintendo glasses and Nintendo favoritism has been in-play for the entire year. A 85 for a Wii-U game is like a 80 in current gen PS4, X1, and PC game. You gotta be blind if you think a WiiU game is graded on the same standard.

Old McGroin2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )


Correct, as the Wii U is technically inferior to the PS4 and Xbox One it's games have to knock it out of the park when it comes to gameplay, which they do on a regular basis. Have to hand it to Nintendo, their games may be aimed at a different audience but their quality is phenomenal when compared to the majority of next gen games.

Just to add, it's not just excellent gameplay, Nintendo's games have been absolutely beautiful to look at on the Wii U so far, even putting some next gen games to shame.

mcstorm2063d ago

I think the one thing Nintendo need to do to compete with Microsoft and Sony in terms of games is cerate a COD like game where people can pick up and play without thinking.
Im not saying make a COD game but make a FPS game that gives players a buzz when playing like Halo.

The have kind of done it before when we had Golden eye and PD (I know they were Rare) but it shows Nintendo's consoles can have games like this.

For me I am loving with the WiiU so far and it has some amazing games too but gaming has gone like the phone industry where kids want the same thing and the so called next cool thing. If Nintendo can do this they have a very good chance of pushing the WiiU on but im not 100% sure if Nintendo would do this as they don't want to be the same as everyone else and for me I am loving Nintendo's IP's this gen.

BG115792063d ago

The problem is, if you don't like Nintendo's licenses you don't have other games to choose.

Me I'm waiting for the next Zelda and Splatoon to actually buy a WiiU. For me these are the only license that I like from Nintendo.
OK they also have Bayoneta now... But it's only 3 games for one console. That's not much.

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Majin-vegeta2063d ago

Pretty much the only series from Ninty that I can contsantly play without getting burned out on it.

CptEccentric2063d ago

Same for me dear sir/madam. Oh yeh and Super Mario 3 :)

MasterCornholio2063d ago

I actually bought a sweet transparent blue 2DS to play Pokemon Sapphire.

I highly reccomend the 2DS. Despite what people say about its form factor its an incredibly comfortable system to hold. The mono speaker is a bit of a bummer but it really isn't that bad. Plus its the cheapest handheld from Nintendo so if you don't want 3D its the best way to go.

WeirdShroom2063d ago

Nice way to suggest the cheapest possible thing. Don't penny pinch, get the best of whatever you want.

MasterCornholio2063d ago

"Don't penny pinch"

Or waste money on features that you don't want or need. Which in my case is 3D.

I bought the 2DS for these reasons.

1. Its extremely comfortable to hold
2. It comes in transparent blue
3. I don't really care about 3D so paying less for the system without it is a plus.

In other words stop calling people cheap for choosing the 2DS over the 3DS. Price isn't the only reason why I chose it and recommending it to others doesn't make me a bad person like your implying. At the end of the day I'm still able to play the same great games as 3DS owners.

P.S And I bought a Vita at launch with a 32GB memory stick so I'm no penny pincher.

callahan092063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

Anything that tries to use Metacritic user scores to make an argument should just be discounted outright. The user scores are beyond useless.

As of right now (things have apparently changed slightly since the December 19th reference date in Nintendo's ad) there is only 1 game combined between PS4 & Xbox One that has both an 85 Metascore and an 8.5 user score: The Last of Us Remastered. That's out of 36 games that have an 85 Metascore. Or just 2.8% of the games that qualify based on Metascore also qualify based on user score.

But on the Vita, there are 9 games with both an 85 Metascore and 8.5 user score, out of 21 games that meet the 85 Metascore requirement. That's 42.9%.

Combined, the Xbox One, PS4, and Vita have 10 out of 57 games, for 17.5%.

On Wii U, there are 10 out of 21 games with an 85 Metascore which also have an 8.5 user score, for 47.6%. On 3DS, there are 8 out of 20, for 40%.

Combined, that's 18 out of 41 games, for 43.9%.

So the Xbox One/PS4/Vita actually have 16 MORE games that have an 85+ Metascore, while also having 8 FEWER games out of that lot which have the required 8.5 user score. It's very skewed for that reason. The user scores for whatever reason on the Xbox One & PS4 are just heavily skewed to the lower end. It's because of fanboy wars, most likely. Xbox & PlayStation are always at the forefront of the console wars, getting the most hate by far from fanboys of all sorts from all over, and it is heavily reflected in fake user scores on games for those systems.

Or doesn't anybody else find it incredibly suspicious that the percentage of games given an 85 by the professional critics that were also given that score by user reviews hovers in the 40-50% range for all consoles EXCEPT the PS4 & Xbox One, where the percentage is essentially 0?

frezhblunts2063d ago

I see a lot of ps4 fanboys here😀

FanboyKilla2063d ago

I agree with nintendo. Ive been laughing at my friends for months now at the fact peeps had so much trash to talk about wii u. Lmfao. They have the better games, and can only be played on wii u. Hell one of the next gen consoles was mia when it came to games sooooo.

Im a gamer, who happens to be blessed to own all three systems. So i dont have to get on n4g and defend the one i got, saying its the best because i got it. Lmfao lame o's. You got the most powerful system with the weakest games. Lmfao going back and forth about which of the exact same game looks better. Suckaz.

Redirect your anger and displeasure where it belongs. Why are you mad at nintendo for making absolutely amazing games? All the while defending the broken, half hearted effort, money sucking demon that is ''next gen''. I call it next gen glasses. Blinded you are. Go nintendo go.

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Sillicur2063d ago

Lol @ Nintendo and the Mario Trollface pick! Well played!

DarkAstronaut2063d ago

Unfortunately the public doesn't feel the same way based on how they have recieved them.

It's pretty clear they like the PS4 and it's games since it sells more hardware and software than Xbox One and Wii U combined worldwide.

CptEccentric2063d ago

Definately is, but its a great stunt by Nintendo anyway! Might boost their sales a bit, all the more power too them !

DarkAstronaut2063d ago

I think Nintendo should just be quiet and be happy the people who own their console enjoy it.

Concertoine2063d ago

Thats pretty much what they're doing, is it not?

LOL_WUT2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

@Concertonie Not with these publicity stunts they aren't. Really wish most of their 2014 lineup had been closer to launch. The drought really killed off most of their momentum in the first year ;)

Concertoine2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )


Publicity stunt? They can't talk about the quality of their software? If they have an argument in their favor, they should make it. If they stay quiet about the positives of their console, it'll NEVER sell.

And yeah, like i said below the 2013 drought killed the console, perhaps for good. Still doesn't invalidate the quality of the 2014 games.

Big_Game_Hunters2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

@ Dark astronaut
"Nintendo should just be quiet and be happy the people who own their console enjoy it."
So Nintendo should just stop advertising their product?? excellent business strategy, why don't you have a CEO position yet? /s

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2063d ago

oh I guess yall like the Wii too then

Skylar2063d ago

But Wii is a very good system so...

Vegamyster2063d ago

Nintendo didn't even advertise their system properly, many people too this day still think its a add-on for the original Wii lol. I think a lot of the PS4's great success comes from Nintendo's lack of competitiveness and Microsoft just having aweful PR during E3 2013, even as a big Halo fan i didn't even consider a Xbox One because of what Adam Orth/Don Mattrick/Major Nelson were saying "Don't like always online? Buy a 360". People were thirty for new hardware and Sony made the best advertising/PR choices.

Utalkin2me2063d ago

Not a single person i have talked to, thinks the WiiU is a add on, lol. So i do not know where you're getting many people to this day. Just cause you think something doesn't make it true. But i do agree they didn't advertise right and had a poor lineup of games.

GordonKnight2063d ago

I've never meet someone that thought the Wii U was an add-on. All three console are great and worth purchasing. The PS4 won the media over this Gen. That is why it has sold over 16M systems. Nintendo has never followed the mainstream that has always hurt, but that's why they are Nintendo. They know the non-gamer will eventually discover the Wii U. Then we'll know which console they'll be playing.

Vegamyster2062d ago

@Utalkin2me @GordonKnight

I'm not talking about the average gamer that keeps up with news, i meant the average consumer or casual gamer.

OrangePowerz2063d ago

Well the Wii U also lacks the majority of 3rd party games meaning unless you are a casual gamer and mainly interested in Mario, Zelda and co. it's not suitable as a main console at home.

KaladinStormblessed2063d ago

So if we don't play third party games we're a casual gamer? Last I checked Nintendos games are more for "core"/"hardcor e" gamers than lots of your 3rd party games. Causal games are games that are easy to beat and don't require too much skill to be proficient in it. Games like Mario Kart, Zelda, Xenoblade, Donkey Kong, Bayonetta, etc. all take some solid time and effort to really get the most fun out of it.

OrangePowerz2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

No I said it makes the console not suitable to be the main console in the house for core gamers due to the lack of 3rd party games.

The Wii had the same issue and mainly lived on the casual market that Nintendo isn't able to capture with the Wii U.

That-Guy2063d ago

PC for third parties. The consoles entice me for their exclusives.

Jaqen_Hghar2063d ago

A man is not casual but has a WiiU and just because a game is accessible doesn't make it casual. SSB is one of the most accessible games yet it there are highly competitive tourneys for it that would kick any of our butts. It was totally worth the $200 for SSB, MK8, DKCTF, WWHD, and SM3DW (even though he only kept SSB and MK8) with Zelda set for next year. He has gotten a lot more out of the PS4 and a lot more games for $50 than he would ever have guessed (probably over $200 worth of games he's loved on PS4 games in the first year alone) through Playstation Plus. So yes PS4 gives you more but a man paid twice as much for it and honestly it's just expected at this point. Sony is primary for first party and third party (probably more quality first party with the best studios on the planet under Sony) and WiiU for first party only and the best local Multiplayer stuff for family get togethers or friends over. Those are the only 2 worth mentioning though in the current console race.

GordonKnight2063d ago

My main console has to play Nintendo games. My secondary consoles are for 3rd party games.

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Realplaya2063d ago

I bet they have more returned games to. Go into any game shop that takes games back and the numbers on the X box one and Ps4 are higher.

zero_gamer2063d ago

Well the PS4 is the most well rounded console, but I don't want to limit myself to Sony unlike the majority of N4G. Nintendo's library appeals to me more than Xbox One and PS4's current library combined. I am hoping Bloodborne will change that, or at least give me reason to play on my PS4 that I bought on launch but didn't use much.

spacedelete2063d ago

on the internet Wii u is the best console butin real life no one cares about it or even know it exists. Wii u is a trash cosole that deserves to flop. Wii u didn't get last gen ports nevermind next gen ports.

GordonKnight2063d ago

You follow the herd very well. Sheepish one.

GordonKnight2063d ago

And Justin Bieber makes great music!

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-Foxtrot2063d ago

Well no offence but despite the disappointments we've had over the year if we judge the first year of the Wii U and the first year of the PS4/Xbox One I feel like the PS4/Xbox One had a better year then the Wii U. The Wii U only really got into swing when Mario Kart came out in *my* opinion

Metallox2063d ago

Actually I would say the opposite. 2013 was one of the most awesome years that Nintendo has had in a long time... for me, clearly. It first started with Pikmin 3, first game in the series since 2004, and I absolutely loved it. Then it came The Wonderful 101 and it surprised a lot, it's really good. And by the end of the year we got Super Mario 3D World, pretty much the Mario game I have always wanted.

There were other Wii U games to consider in 2013 too.

-Foxtrot2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

Pikman 3 and Super Mario 3D World are the only main two for that year in my opinion. Although for me Super Mario 3D World was just an upgraded version of the 3D Land and the Wind Waker HD was just a remaster of an old game.

2014 is where they really got started

Mario Kart 8
Super Smash Bros
Bayonetta 2
Captain Toad
Shovel Knighs
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Hyrule Warriors

Even then I think the PS4/Xbox One will be able to surpass the Wii U games in 2015. Sony already has Bloodborne and The Order in the first few months...god knows what else.

inFAMOUS Second Son
Watch Dogs
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
Far Cry 4
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Alien: Isolation
Assassin's Creed Unity
Assassin's Creed Rouge
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
Sunset Overdrive
LittleBigPlanet 3
Forza Horizon 2
The Crew
Guilty Gear XRD
The Evil Within

That's off the top of my head

...and this was a disappointing year

Looking forward to 2015

Concertoine2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

Are you kidding? 2013 suuuuucked. There were almost no games the first three quarters aside from MH3U and Game and Wario. Its one of the worst droughts in recent memory. That drought killed sales, which led to the press bashing the system, which led the Wii U to its current position.

Well any comparison of 2 consoles verses 1 will probably lean in the former's favor. Anytime one of these articles pops up its usually referring to the Wii U against one of its competitors, not both.

Metallox2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )


I have already said it, those three games made my year in the Nintendo side. Even with the absence of constant releases, I finished very satisfied.

Of course, I understand you, Cocertoine. The very first considerable Wii U titles arrived very late, there's no denying of that.

Jaqen_Hghar2063d ago

wasn't crazy about Mario 3d World. However Wind Waker HD was fun and a man's favorite Zelda. Can't wait for Skyward Sword HD or TP HD without the motion controls except for aiming. Worst part of otherwise fantastic entries

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kwandar2063d ago

You're right. The reason for the Wii U's slow start was a little Tsunami, which made a mess of production schedules that first year.

They're on track now and the uplift has been there since Zelda WW.

There also is the issue of quality versus quantity. I see consistent (to the point that it actually surprises me) quality from Nintendo.

ps5fanboy2063d ago

I used to love Nintendo , when I was younger , and Mario will always be a classic , but ....
Get real.

deafdani2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

Being told to "get real" by someone whose nickname is ps4fanboy... it doesn't fly.

tekksin2063d ago

calling yourself a fan boy is just an immature way of saying you appreciate what something is doing. I don't think it should automatically nullify your opinions.