Weekend Gaming Hardware Sales - $30 500W PSU, $35 Gaming Case, $100 GTX 750 Ti

GamersNexus: "With Christmas only days away, many of us still haven't finished our shopping. No need to brave the cold to rush out into the crowds, though – we've got you covered. This week we found a case, a power supply, and three video cards that are on sale. If you're looking for a gift for someone else – or just want to treat yourself – check out the deals we found below."

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FromTheAshes1423d ago

I wonder what Valve is going to do about making the Steambox a competitive platform over PC if competent PC gamers can just build their own rigs with equal or better specs of a 500 USD Steambox with only dual core CPU's?

Testfire1423d ago

The appeal was supposed to be for people that know nothing of computers but want to game on PC. Not everyone is capable or willing to learn how to build a PC.