New Skyrim Modded Screenshots Showcase New High-Resolution Environmental Textures

ENBSeries members have shared this past week a number of new screenshots, showcasing some brand new high resolution custom-made textures.

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Neixus1450d ago

''New High-Resolution Enviromental Textures''

-Shows a thumbnail of a girl.
Sometimes it's so easy to spot when someone wants some clicks.

ChickeyCantor1450d ago

The girl is as much part of the hi rez mod.

john21450d ago

You have a point. Gionight has made a tremendous work on her which is why she was the spotlight. Still, a grass image should be more appropriate.

Neixus1450d ago

Thanks, appreciate that you actually changed it!


AndrewLB1450d ago

Wow! These make Uncharted 4 look like a PS3 game. Outstanding work by the mod community once again.

WhiteGamerInc1450d ago

Hell yes. Im surprised to see a Skyrim article, especially since I started replaying it on ps3.

I wish I had it on a nice PC tho cause the ps3 version has some crazy weird bugs on it.

d0x3601449d ago

It sure does. The gamebryo engine (which is the worst engine ever created) has major issues with the ps3's split pool of ram. Basically as time goes on the engine can't keep track of everything due to memory limitations and the game just starts running worse and worse. You don't see this on the 360 version because the ram is unified so it can dynamically adjust how much is going to the CPU or GPU based on need.

You would have thought Bethesda would have known that (they probably did) and worked around it but instead they ignored it. Chances are it was ignored becauae they knew damn well by the time the flaws were discovered it would have been a couple weeks after launch and the big sales numbers were already made. The game never runs well but it gets worse after about 20 hours. Not only does it have freezing and frame rate issues after then but it also starts acting crazy with odd random unfixable bugs.

Metallox1450d ago

And why can't we never see this stuff in action? I'd love to.

hiredhelp1450d ago

Easy find videos of them in action ive personally ran a few mods myself they really improve skyrim.

error131450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

I want this but I don't have a decent PC :( Can someone point me to a website that will show me how to build a budget PC for under £500.

PersonMan1450d ago

What's the point in having the graphics look realistic and then leave the old crappy animations. Totally breaks emersion.

ATi_Elite1450d ago

... There is also a Mod for the animations as well. Skyrim Pc has like over 300 mods improving everything.

DoomeDx1449d ago

'over 300'? Make that over 10.000. No joke. There are more then 10.000 mods available

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