FFXIV’s Gold Saucer Revealed, Has Remixed Theme, Mini Games, Chocobo Racing and Triple Triad

CraveOnline: "Above is the world’s first look at Final Fantasy XIV‘s implementation of the long-awaited Gold Saucer, presented during today’s Letter from the Producer Live in Japan. It’s called Manderville Gold Saucer, and it was founded by one of Eorzea’s primals, Godbert Manderville. More importantly, it’s everything you’ve expected and more."

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TheOneWhoIsTornApart1397d ago

Wow this is so amazing. I love this arrangement of the Gold Saucer theme as well. Naoki Yoshida and his team did a wonderful job.

Becuzisaid1397d ago

I'm pretty sure this will be awesome in game, but I'm personally disappointed that its so wildly different than the Golden Saucer in FF7. It's so dark, and where's the amusement park-like attractions? Where's the skilift ride around the exterior of the park? Where's the arcade? The haunted mansion hotel? Battle arena?

Maybe it's just not in the video, but this isn't the Golden Saucer I was hoping for.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1397d ago

It's different because it isn't the same Gold Saucer that was in VII. It also isn't an amusement park it's more of a casino and arcade combination not to mention it is set in a completely different kind of fantasy world.

Redempteur1397d ago

it's the Manderville version .

Don't know what being a manderville means ? better play the game and be amazed

knifefight1397d ago

Stop tempting me to jump into this, Square!