The Quarterly Report \ Game of the Year 2014 Podcast

Gary Swaby of The Koalition writes:

In our final gaming podcast of 2014 we each discuss our the best and most disappointing games of the past quarter (October – December), and we each also select a game we’re looking forward to in the next quarter and a game we feel like will disappoint. We then run through our Game of the Year category winners and give our personal commentary on how it turned out. It’s been an interesting year in gaming, with many upsets and sloppy work from developers. But there were also many hidden gems and unexpected treats. This is the show where we just reflect on the good and the bad of 2014. So join us in our analysis of the 2014 year in gaming.

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matthewbatb1397d ago

Awesome podcast. Gotta love video games

Romudeth1397d ago

This was an awesome podcast. A lot of shots were fired lol

rbailey1397d ago

2014 was an up and down year for video games overall. Definitely looking forward to 2015 blowing everything out the water and proving to be a landmark year for gaming.