PlayStation Hardware: A Visual History

During their coverage of the PlayStation Experience, Skewed and Reviewed photographed the visual history of PlayStation hardware and have posted the images which shows the changes in systems over the years.

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illtornworld2026d ago

ah the memories of owning each of those PlayStations

Garethvk2026d ago

If you have them all you should do a pictoral.

mrbojingles2026d ago

I can't wait to see the PS4 slim in a few years. Hope its nearly as small as the PS2 Slim, like 75% smaller. I doubt it due to having a HDD inside but if they took out the power supply, maybe.

Garethvk2026d ago

I would like to know when in the design cycle do they start with the slim designs.

colonel1792026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

they could go with flash memory with external memory support, but the could still make it very small even with the hard drive and disc slot.

I wonder if it will be a shrunken PS4, or if it will be a different/new design to make it smaller.

illtornworld2026d ago

i dont own the slim PlayStation but i do have the fat PS2 and PS1 the psp wont work the Go got traded in :/ as did the original 20&60GB PS3. would look nice to have the family together though!