Five Reasons the Wii U Won Console War

Journalist goes over his reasons why the Wii U won the console war in his house.

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DarkAstronaut2031d ago

The Wii U didn't win the console war, it's selling much less than the GC and has the least amount of games albeit some amazing exclusives. As a console though even in the eyes of Nintendo it's a massive failure especially coming off the success of the Wii. It will sell 10% of what the Wii sold.

None of this should stop anyone from enjoying it though, it's a great system. But saying it won this generation, is absurd.

Benjaminkno2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

You know the idea of "selling" a console is to make money. Why not use that standard instead of # of consoles sold?
GameCube made more money than the Ps3 or 360, so by that logic GameCube won.

It doesn't make sense to sell more of a product if you're going to bury yourself in a mountain if debt while doing it.

Also, there's plenty of great Wii games, so that destroys the "less games" argument.

It wins in my eyes because it's more fun, and that's the reason why you play games isn't it?

InTheLab2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

Dude stop. The GameCube made no money for its first 3 years. When it finally did turn a profit, no one was buying it at that point.

Nintendo's profits came from its handhelds which is why th y made more money in gen 6 than Sony made in gen 7.

Stop spreading lies.

higgins782030d ago

Completely agree. Yes, if I were a suit or thinking ONLY with my head then the Wii U may not be a 'win', but I'm a gamer, I play with my head AND heart - and for the the Wii U has been the star (thus far), easy.

Gemmol2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )


I do not see where you see the gamecube losing money, this is not the only website that have same info, they just use a different chart

2030d ago
jholden32492030d ago

It doesn't say that. It says it won the console war IN HIS HOUSE.

This article is explaining why it won the author over, not anyone else.

shaw982030d ago

Sales does not always mean win console war. Games are what truly matter.

Movieworld2030d ago

At no point in this article did anybody claim that the Wii U won this generation. The article states very clearly that the Wii U won the console war in this individual persons household. So it is your comment that is actually ridiculous.

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kwandar2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

In fairness, the Wii U won the console war "in his home". Small battlefield, that :)

The Wii was an anomaly (by any measure) and I'm pretty certain Nintendo themselves knew they wouldn't easily get to those sales levels again.

That being said, it isn't selling as well as the PS4 or Xbox1. That isn't for lack of high quality games, and it seems reasonable to chock that up to Nintendo's marketing being way off the mark.

DarkAstronaut2031d ago

The Wii U and GC proved that just having highly rated exclusive software does not sell a console. People like having a wide variety of options and the exclusives just help them pick one over the other. 3rd party support is mandatory and brings to light just how much power publishers have over gaming. The more definitive market leader you are gives you perks, but ultimately they are in control.

kwandar2030d ago

Again, it comes back to marketing. It isn't so much the 3rd party product, as it is the marketing they bring to the table. Nintendo has had a fail on the marketing end of things, and lack of concurrent 3rd party marketing hasn't helped.

That being said, this generation I think (at this point - things change) the Wii U and a PC are the best choices. Far more 3rd party product on the PC and great couch/co-op play interactive and exclusive software on the Wii U.

DarkAstronaut2030d ago

You seem to hung up on marketing. Which I agree was bad. But it was many problems that caused this. The name, the controller, the price, the specs, their attitude towards indies, their 3rd party relations, OS choices, timing, the reveal, online elements and much more caused these problems not just marketing.

Nintendo just does crazy things that only make sense to them, some work some don't. The Wii U didn't. They'll be back with some other crazy idea in the future I'm sure. It's part of the reason I love Nintendo, they just be Nintendo.

wonderfulmonkeyman2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

"3rd party support is mandatory"
What, you mean multiplats?
Hah! Right.
Because the system totally isn't making a profit now despite lacking third party support/not beating the other two in overall install base numbers./s

Let's cut the crap and face facts; AAA third party multiplats like CoD and Assassin's Creed, etc etc etc, are only important to the survival of Sony and Microsoft.

There are too many examples of AAA multiplats being done wrong on Nintendo consoles to justify the opinion that they're still necessary for Nintendo to survive, let alone succeed.

Not only are they being delivered to the system with a lot of content and care in development missing, they're also mostly old ports that have already formed their install bases elsewhere.
Putting CoD on Nintendo's system, for example, and then whining that it's not getting sales to match other versions, is the same as being surprised that no one jumped to the Wii U to get the game when they've done nothing to encourage anyone to do so over other versions.
Why would they, when the game is traditionally made famous on everything BUT Nintendo's consoles?
No hype in advertisement, no special deals or unique version-specific content, lots of patches missing, I could seriously go on all day.
CoD is just one example of many that show third parties are fighting a losing battle by trying to sell multiplats on Wii U when they've basically done NOTHING to build an install base for their games on the system.

If third parties want sales, they need to focus on building an install base that wants their games.
The best way to do that, is by offering games that don't already have their install bases set in stone on other systems.
And the only way to do that is to offer exciting exclusives that make names for themselves on Nintendo's system first and foremost.
Once they've done that, and regained some trust, then maybe future multiplats on Nintendo's next system will sell better, because there won't be as much distrust anymore. People will see the words "from the makers of [insert Wii U exclusive here]!" in advertisements and that'll get people to think "hey, I like the work they did last time! Maybe this time I'll give their newest game a go on Wii U."

But they need to start NOW, not later.

BiggerBoss2030d ago


I think the fact that Ps4 and XB1 have already outsold the Wii U is enough to prove that Third Party support is vital to a consoles success.

It irritates me when fanboys claim that because Nintendo has good first party studios, they dont need any other games. Do you not like games?

When the average consumer is shopping for a console, do you think theyre going to opt for the console that only Mario and Zelda (hyperbole) or will they get a console thats supported and has COD, GTA, etc?

I understand multiplats have been mediocre, but thats as much Nintendos fault as it is the 3rd party. If multiplats dont sell on Wii U, and Nintendo doesnt actively push devs to develop for the platform, why would expend effort on what will soon be a flop?

Next generation, along with 1st party, Nintendo should make damn sure that they have a good relationship with publishers so that theyre console is more appealing to the average consumer

wonderfulmonkeyman2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

First off, no, it does not.
It proves that they're necessary to Sony and Microsoft, and that gamers from all three consoles are smart enough to realize that third parties have screwed up royally with the way they've presented their multiplats on the Wii U.
Until they're actually done up to par to all other versions on a Nintendo system, they might as well not even be considered proper support.

Second, of course we want more games.
We want GOOD EFFORTS that show third parties were actually doing what NEEDS TO BE DONE to make their games appealing to a whole new fanbase that they've never actually tried to cater to before.
They haven't done that.
They won't see sales until they do.
End of.

Third, it irritates me when fanboys try to shove the majority of the blame for bad multiplats onto Nintendo, when Nintendo has had almost no say in how these games are represented when the plans to bring them to the system are drawn up.
I can GUARANTEE you that it was not Nintendo's idea to, for example, bring CoD to the system with no advertisement for the Wii U version, one DLC map, and no support for the rest of the content that every single other version of the game got.
You cannot put blame on Nintendo, OR it's fans, for not buying multiplats that are NOT DONE RIGHT.

They don't sell well on Wii U because third parties did NOTHING to convince Wii U gamers that they were worth purchasing over versions on other consoles.

I guarantee you that if you set up CoD Advanced Warfare onto Wii U and put in a bunch of new maps specifically designed to cater to the Wii U fanbase, and advertised the shit out of it, you'd see the Wii U version get better sales.
Same goes for most other multiplats.

Gemmol2030d ago

gamecube shows it can bring a lot of money

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Concertoine2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

The way they handled the Wii U, i really don't think they saw this coming. Their initial sales predictions were also way more on pace with the Wii than the GC.

DarkAstronaut2030d ago

Exactly. Their internal goals failed miserably, which is really all that matters to them.

superchiller2030d ago

No, that old "needs better marketing" excuse is flat wrong. What the Wii U NEEDED was better, more competitive hardware, without the gamepad gimmick. Nintendo gambled that yet another gimmick would reel people in, just like they did with the Wii before it. But people learned their lesson after being burned by the Wii, gimmicks alone are simply not enough to sell a product, anymore.

Sadly, there is nothing that Nintendo can do to salvage the Wii U at this point. But they only have themselves to blame for this sad state of affairs.

uth112031d ago

The backwards compatability comes at a price of having the least powerful console. This is because the architecture the wii used hasn't kept up.

By contrast xb1 and ps4 went for the best power/price combo they could get at the time, but they had to sacrifice backwards compatibility in the process.

Gamer7772030d ago

The Wii U could have maintained backwards compatibility as long as the architecture remained similar to the Wii and GC. Nintendo went with a tri-core processor clocked at only 1.24GHz. This was surprising considering most computers in recent years have been Quad Cores with 2.0GHz+ processors.

Concertoine2030d ago

The BC has nothing to do with the power. It costs them nothing to manufacture the wii's guts, they are dirt cheap in this day and age. The gamepad's manufacture price and the streaming tech needed to power it is what took a toll on the power.

As long as they are using PowerPC, they'd be stupid not to include BC with the Wii.

cero552030d ago

Nintendo is my favorite of the 3 companies and even i know this isn't right.ps4 and xone are still in the infant stages game wise,wait till they blossom.

Illusive_Man2030d ago

I don't consider Wii U in competition with the PS4 or Xbox One. It caters to a totally different demographic.

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