Frictional Games Explains How They Tackled The Slower Clock Speed of the PS4's CPU

Frictional Games’ Thomas Grip on the challenges of developing the PS4 version of SOMA.

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DarkAstronaut2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

What kind of a title is this? This is super amateur. Who is pushing this narrative of the CPUs in either console being tapped? I just can't believe people want to push these insane tapped narratives, they did it last gen too when early games would have technical issues. The same systems produced GTA V and TLOU with in comparison to PCs or the new consoles very barebones specs.

From this to people making judgements on pre alpha demos, I think it's time for people and websites that know next to nothing about game development to stop talking about it. Unless your goal is just to push negativity and in that case you should step back and check yourself because this is getting out of hand.

nucky642493d ago

I'm with you. however, the internet is full of people with agendas - I just laugh at it.

GameNameFame2493d ago

This is gaming bolt...

And from benchmark, PS4 has more CPU for gaming.

creatchee2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )


Did you even bother to read the article before you vomited your overly zealous reply???

From the article:

' "We handle the slower clock speed by trying to offload as much as we can on the GPU and to use multi threading wherever possible.” Thomas Grip from Frictional Games said to GamingBolt. “Having to deal with the PS4 CPU has made our tech programmer, Peter, do some really nice optimizations to the game and engine, which in turn means that much lower-end PCs will support it. If it has a DX 10 card, it will probably be able to play SOMA." '

So not only does the article explain the processes and methods used to counteract the CPU, but also thanks it (in a way) for helping the devs optimize the game to run on lower PCs than their original target. In other words, more people have an opportunity to play the game overall because they developed on the PS4.

People need to drop jumping off of the handle just because of their perception of a title of an article. This is getting ridiculous.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

The author himself belittled the "clock speed" of the PS4's CPU as well as the CPU's of consoles by saying, and I quote, "It’s no secret that CPUs in current generation consoles are pretty slow compared to current trends."

Now it's obvious that he's trying to compare the "slower" CPU of the PS4 to something is he not? Again, if everyone reading this article has a clear grasp of English, then you do understand that the author is comparing slower "console" CPU's to "current trends."

"Given that developers will be stuck with these slower processors for quite a long time now, it’s indeed a challenge for games that want to push visual boundaries."

As I stated before, it is absolutely absurd to compare the clock speed of a console with laptop architecture with that of a PC. Why would this author even pose a question to a developer in such a way as to compare consoles to PCs? It's stupid and serves absolutely no purpose other than to reveal the author's lack of knowledge on the subject.

DarkAstronaut2493d ago

It's the delivery and the drive for a negative headline like "slower CPU" than explaining the technical process itself. My point is, is these websites go around asking questions about things they know nothing about trying to encourage a response. The way the narrative is pushed is ridiculous, it's like insinuating the CPU needs to be pushed for this game, when in reality this generation will be pushed much farther than the technical processes this game is delivering. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about.

TheBrownBandito2493d ago

"Did you even bother to read the article before you vomited your overly zealous reply??? "

You are spectacularly naive.

ChickeyCantor2493d ago

"It's the delivery and the drive for a negative headline like "slower CPU" than explaining the technical process itself"

The dev said "Slower clock speed". So he was just paraphrasing the dev. Why you guys tripping over this? Of all the flavors you could be, you picked salty.

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Bigpappy2493d ago

I don't like artificially sensationalizing titles. I don't see this as one, as that is exactly what the developer is discussing. No need to defend the PS4 CPU so hard. Most people spread kno

badz1492492d ago

yeah, the CPU of the PS4 is so problematic and that is why it's the most problematic console this gen. oh wait...

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Stupid article. Another silly PC/PS4 comparison. Everyone knows that the PS4 cannot compete with a PC in terms of performance. This is an utterly useless article.

DarkAstronaut2493d ago

Everybody just treats game development like a straight forward process when it's the complete opposite.

zero_gamer2493d ago

360 and PS3 however did when they came out. Wonder why we can't have it this generation. Console gaming has never been so underpowered.

Paytaa2493d ago

The sad thing is you're right. When the 360 and PS3 first came out the hardware was top of the line and could compete with PC for the time being spec-wise. Right out of the gate Xbox One and PS4 were underpowered from a standpoint in 2013 since you could find similar hardware in a tablet.

telekineticmantis2493d ago

It's called the cell processor, and a $600 price tag. Sony's attempt to make the PS3 as future-proof as possible, made it a laughingstock, remember? This generation in order to avoid that, they just used comparable intuitive PC specs with a few tricks to make it easier for devs and have a price tag most consumers can accept. Hopefully, cloud gaming/processing will make up for it, sooner or later.

Qrphe2493d ago

PS3 might have, but PS2 did not and neither did the PS1. PS1, PS2 and PS4 are wildly successful, PS3 wasn't.

Cernunnos2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

@telekeneticsmantis. The PS3 didnt fail at future-proofing due to the Cell CPU, it failed due to a pretty bad memory architechture, as well as memory amount, and the pretty slow GPU it had. The cell probably has more raw power than the PS4 CPU today, just very hard to utilize, especially with the memory architechture it ended up with.

mkis0072492d ago

Both previous gen consoles were sold well under cost. $800+ for ps3 alone. Both new gen consoles are already profitable at their normal msrp of $399.

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hkgamer2493d ago

no one is comparing a pc to a ps4. the dev just mentions that they had to do lots of optimisation to the game and engine because of the ps4's cpu. bfause of that they ar able people with lower spec pc are now able to play this game.

Deano73942493d ago

Another terrible article from GamingBolt.

Volkama2493d ago

Watch as they ask every dev they can about the "challenges of the slow CPUs in the consoles" in desperate hopes of a headline quote.

Dramacydal2493d ago

Gaming Bolt - We're part of the problem

hkgamer2493d ago

ok. it isnt that great of an article by gaming bolt, but they really didnt contribute much. most was said by the developers and they did mention about the speed of ps4's cpu. now anything negative about ps4 is going to get people riled up for some reason.

its a good thing. dev mentions this game is now more optimised for pc because of the ps4.

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