Venom Games set to close

CVG says Venom Games (due to close soon) was asked to handle the PS3 version of BioShock (to be released at the same time as the 360 version) but its coders said it wasn't possible.

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eagle213764d ago

It is whatever it is. No need to flame. Can't change the past. :)

riksweeney3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

That's the entire premise of the Terminator films.

Well, apart from the third one, which sucked apart from the final scene.

Montrealien3764d ago

(Desire is irrelevant. I am a machine.)

eagle213764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

How do you actually feel about this statement? I think it was money that changed the platform personally. My point is, it's no need to flame something that has already past. Bioshock is coming to PS3 RELOADED, end of discussion.

Montrealien3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

eagle is so defensive, it is funny. I saw T3 and it was stronger then me, I love Arnold quotes, was not aimed at you, you comment is correct, but it is like saying water is wet, no need to tell you I like getting wet,we all know it is wet.

And the first response was to you saying (Can't change the past) take the flame shield down.

and where's your PSN Eagle? where is it?!?!? where is it?!?!? I'm a loser that needs friends,

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White-Sharingan3764d ago

I call this BS

it was $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

we know that and we accepted it

great game, I bought it for 360 a year ago and I know many friends who are getting the PS3 version

Fragking283764d ago

bs it wasnt money, why in the hell do people refuse to give msoft credit in anything they do. THey make xbox 360 a good platform with tons of great games but people say they only have a couple of good games.

They make their system developer friendly compared to sony who took the other route so when a multiplat performs dont make it to ps3 as fast as 360 they claim msoft paid them off.( Yes they payoff some companies for games but only about 4 games got this treatment no every other game). Or if a game like gta is identical on both platforms, the xbox is holding the game back.

So can we please at logical with these post and stop spewwing anti microsoft every. Siht the world cant function with msoft right now cause if windows were to suddenly cease to exist it would be catastropic for everyone.

proArchy3764d ago

You're darn tootin' it was money. 2k gave them the assignment to code the ps3 version, Venom said it wasn't possible. 2k trusted them, took their word for it, and decided not to throw money at a black hole. Turns out they were wrong though, and now we get our PS3 version! YAY!!

Daver3764d ago


People dont give credit to Microsoft because they dont merit it...This is what they usually do, pay for things, and over bid to be sure that theres no one else getting it for a while or a period of time..
I dont have anything against xbox, but i hate that sh!tty american company behind it, i hate the way they act, or the people at head of it, i dont know, i just prefer any other company if i have the choice
Thats my opinion btw :)

IdleLeeSiuLung3764d ago

MS has done a lot of things right, while they still get sh!t thrown a them. Sure, they aren't perfect, but for some reason this hatred towards them is very strong especially in other parts of the world than the US.

For some odd reason Sony and Nintendo has such strong brand power.


That certainly is your opinion, but they way I see it is Nintendo just about killed the hardcore gaming industry. Everybody is now going for shovelware to the masses on the Wii. There aren't too many games that I play or are interrested in, but Zak&Wiki, Okami and No More Heroes. There are literally no 3rd party quality games. To top it off they have a long history of locking out or treating 3rd partys badly.

Sony constantly blatant lies and arrogance. Remember when Sony said PS3 backwards compatibility is important? Or when nobody wants rumble? Sure, Sony has greatly improved since the PS3's poor reception, but a lot leaves to be desired.

Guess what, I own all 3 consoles! Of the three, I use my 360 the most, have the largest game library and get the cheapest games.

thewhoopimen3764d ago

Maybe you two should go read some history about Microsoft's exploits before shooting your ignorant mouths off. Microsoft's exploited many companies including blackmailing PC manufacturers to boycott Nestcape, "borrowing" Apple's prototype Mac Plus for windows, and turning their back on IBM and pirating Lotus Works to turn into MS Office. This Silicon Valley company's story isn't exactly as spotless as you think they are. You kids make me laugh defending MS. I am sure you'd be very happy too if you came up with some revolutionary software and MS stole it under your nose, using alot of cash and their 30+ lawyers. Marc Andereesson was 23 when that happened to him (co-founder of netscape).

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Blackmoses3764d ago

They weren't willing to put forth the effort? Money talks ladies and talks.


SL1M DADDY3764d ago

And there is a reason why they are about to close their doors...

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