New PS Vita Hardware Revision Available at Retail in Germany

German website writes: The Sony PlayStation Vita PCH-2016 is the newest revision of the PlayStation Vita.

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Vidyagames2534d ago

Hopefully the new sku had lower manufacturing costs so the price can drop

traumadisaster2534d ago

I want one of these but just don't see where I will play it since I don't travel much and have iPad air and note4.

At home I'm on the 4k big screen. Kids have 3ds so I could get it for them but the games aren't for their young age.

cluckey072534d ago

iPad air and note4? Do you want to play real games on a handheld? Or do you want to play those crap mobile games on tablets? If you want to play real games with real controls get a Vita. The best handheld out there.

BattleAxe2534d ago

With no future big titles coming out for the Vita, I just don't see the point.

deadfrag2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

Agree theres no point in picking a machine that lost support almost completly,Vita is Dead not even Sony cares about it. Sad but true!

TorpeAlex2534d ago

What are you talking about? Axiom Verge, The Banner Saga, Mighty No 9, Resogun, Samurai Warriors 4, Tales from the Borderlands, Salt and Sanctuary, Galak-Z, Forma.8.
So. Yeah.

TorpeAlex2534d ago

Jeez, I forgot some. TETRIS. HYPER LIGHT DRIFTER. SHOVEL KNIGHT!. Darkest Dungeon. BASTION. Project Phoenix. Severed. Towerfall Ascension. Hotline Miami 2. Skullgirls Encore. Geometry Wars 3. Resident Evil Revelations 2. Grim Fandango. GAAAAAAH.
There are so many good games out already and so many announced. I don't know why everyone is so eager to bring the thing down.

Cam9772534d ago

These are all extremely niche games, you can't expect a console to soar in sales when the games coming out for it are mostly unheard of.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2534d ago

basically every game that possibly available on other platforms

OB1Biker2534d ago

'basically every game that possibly available on other platforms'
There are reasons to play games on a handheld even if you can play the same games on a console.
PS3 is not dead... ummm I mean Vita
PS4 PS3 and Vita and great to have with PS+ for tons of games

cluckey072534d ago

A lot of these are games I can play on other consoles. However we prefer to play them on the Vita because they are a perfect fit for the Vita. I don't want to play games like these on my PS3/4. I want to play games with 100 million dollar budgets on them. The Vita is perfect for a lot of these games. I refuse to buy telltale games for consoles now.

zero_gamer2534d ago

That's amazing dude. So many games that are better on PS4/other platforms. Is that all the Vita has coming for it? The system is indeed on life support.

eyeDEVOUR2533d ago

Its worth the money just to play the massive backlog of ps1/psp games!! and they look amazing on the oled screen model that i have. i also love the screen adjustments and completely customizable controls for playing those classics!!!

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dark-kyon2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

the funny thing is what psvita is getting great games the 2015,no mainstream AAA shit like others consoles,if you not care for great games is your problem,psvita is not dead,but not gonna pick up the sales with whatever AAA game what sony can do or pay to make.sad time we have when great games are ignored for not being overbudget AAA or not have mainstream appeal.

Inception2534d ago

Gravity Rush 2, Oreshika, RE: Revelations 2, One Piece Musou 3, Ys 8, and new Saga game from SE are pretty big.

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GokuSolosAll2534d ago

Hopefully it has the OLED screen. It needs to get L2 and R2 and be lighter.Not to mention cheaper.

GokuSolosAll2534d ago

Well, Vita is currently an indie/port machine. It gets a few exclusive goodies but they're either niche (like the wonderful Danganronpa) or not everyone likes the game/genre (Freedom Wars; believe it or not, we have enough Monster Hunter clones on Vita...just no damn Monster Hunter).

Sony needs to step it up but Vita isn't dead yet, just resting after a horrific accident. If Sony pulls the plug it's over, though. It needs a shot in the arm like God of War.

cluckey072534d ago

Well recently it was noted that a God of War is in production. However it is most likely for PS4.

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