Ninja Gaiden 2 costumes - value or rip off?

Three costume packs are now available for 200 points a piece for Tecmo's action ninja game. Msxbox-World raises the issue that is this stuff good value or a rip off, considering in the past this content would be an in game unlock?

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jkoz3813d ago

Freakin' ripoff, which is why I won't get them.

HateBoy3812d ago

I got em, the "fiend" and the "shadow walker" pack.. I'm a bit ashamed to say so because i agree with most people commenting here, these costumes should be earned, not bought. Normally I wouldn't dream of paying for this kind of dlc as I absolutely hate what MS has done to dlc in general, but NG is one of my favourite games and Ruy one of my favourite video-game characters. As a true fan of the game and Ryu I felt this was one exception I was willing to make. TBH, the costumes are actually quite cool, if there is anyone out there with some points they know they're not going to spend on anything else (like I had) I can recommend it. Especially Fiend Hayabusa and shadow walker. Now if you'll excuse Fiend Hayabusa: Costume 3,4 & 5 and Shadow walker Hayabusa: Costume 1, 2 & 5 need to slice and dice.

DarkSniper3813d ago

Complete rip off. This is Microsoft using extortion to it's maximum. Reasons such as these is why Xbox 360 will never find the comfort of anyone's living room, especially Dark Sniper's.


dachiefsman3813d ago

The Rock is gonna lay the smackdown on your candy ass! The Rock is gonna go down Know Your Role Boulevard, hang that right at Jabroni Drive, and proceed to check your candy ass in at the Smackdown Hotel. Know you role and shut your mouth. If you smell... what the Rock is cookin'!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3812d ago

Actualy it's found comfort in 20+ million living rooms, and if I'm not mistaken thats way more homes than the PS3.

ShadesMoolah3813d ago

A part of me believes that there's developers working hard on new stuff for the love of their work. They would like to offer this for free so that more gamers can appreciate what they've accomplished. The other part of me feels that executive decisions turn this into a way the company can make some more money.

va_bank3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

..ask the "other part" of you to b!tchslap the first part.

ShadesMoolah3813d ago

These activities are not exclusive to Microsoft as you should be well aware. There's something about this generation of consoles that has develop the idea.

I blame Halo 2 on Xbox as this seemed to be the forerunner of charged for content.

dachiefsman3813d ago

while I think 10 bucks is steep for new Halo maps, I don't think they should be free. They job is to make games and content just like some of us working for a paycheck.

If people want to buy it fine, it is their money and free to do as they chose.

JVIDICAN3813d ago

deffinately a rip off
there just color changes

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The story is too old to be commented.