Animal Crossing Plaza Being Pulled From Wii U From December 22nd

If you're a Wii U owner and you've not yet downloaded the free Animal Crossing spin-off app for the Wii U, then there's not really much point in doing so now as it's getting pulled from the Wii U store.

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higgins782031d ago

NO, why!? Instead of it being removed it should have been expanded. Truly a missed opportunity here.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2031d ago

Animal Crossing Wii U may come soon

higgins782031d ago

Animal Crossing, in HD, coupled with properly integrated social features and intelligently distributed DLC...count me in.

mixelon2031d ago

Weird, why? It's cute and harmless.. My daughter likes looking at the character bios. (She has new leaf on her 2DS)

Hopefully those rumors of a WiiU AC are true and they're just preparing for more stuff to do
With that.

Summons752031d ago

Eh, it was a missed opportunity. I was so excited when they announced it but than I heard them talk it and was sorely disappointed. It would have been great if you could have a tease of ACU and be able to store items and bells from New Leaf on top of all the social minigames so when ACU eventually comes out you will be all set.

kwandar2031d ago

I think this is misleading. It is being pulled from the store. That doesn't mean you can't download it now and still use it later, does it?

Metallox2031d ago

Animal Crossing for Wii U incoming.