Watch How Halo's Graphics Have Evolved Over 15 Years

Halo 5: Guardians is on the way and there's even a beta going on right now until January, so why not take a few moments to admire the evolution and growth of a franchise that started well over a decade ago.

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Gears_President1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Im in the early access program, so get to play them beta until 11:59pm Sunday. Im sad though cuase I work this weekend :{ The game looks great though.

Immorals1423d ago

I've had time for one match.. Curse you social life, and double curse you work!

Sorry for the accidental disagree :(

shaenoide1423d ago

humm Halo 4 = Halo 5 o.O I hope it's just the beta

Madrigal1423d ago

I can tell that you haven't played the BETA yet... Or are you simply trolling?

Gears_President1423d ago

You can tell by my comment that I haven't played BETA? The Dashboard Preview Program gave me early access, look it up.

Madrigal1423d ago

This comment was directed to Shaenoide.

2pacalypsenow1423d ago

Halo 5 looks much better graphically than Halo 4

Madrigal1423d ago

Reach looked pretty good, but 343 took Halo and put it on a whole other graphical level.

Halo2ODST21423d ago

Graphics aren't everything!

Genuine-User1423d ago

I'm sure the final build of Halo 5 will look much Better than the Beta.

Blaze9291423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

being realistic, it probably wont

Elit3Nick1423d ago

being realistic it definitely will, we're talking about a whole year to optimize and improve.

PraxxtorCruel1423d ago

Does that go for Uncharted too then? Has a year before release so we shouldn't expect any difference?

Blaze9291423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

@Elit3Nick yeah ok, you must have not played the Halo 3 beta then. If you think the final version will look "much better" then the beta then you clearly haven't been playing enough betas. At no time in history, has any Halo game given you reason to believe that graphics will improve "much" after the beta.

"we're talking about a whole year to optimize and improve."

right, because 343 will still be optimizing and improving by December 21, 2015...or even June 2015 for that matter. halo games always finish at least 3-4 months prior to release. In which by that time, they are not 'still' working on graphics.

@PraxxtorCruel last time I checked Uncharted was in Alpha, not beta.

Definition: "Beta" is commonly used to describe a computer software or game that is near completion.

How many times must gamers experience something to know exactly how it'll go? smh and this is me talking, a long time Halo fan since Halo 1.

You all like to get your hopes up for the strangest reasons - then get mad when the final product isn't what YOU thought it would be.

Hercules1891423d ago

The difference between halo and uncharted is that halo actually improves in each cycle. Halo 5 is probably technically in alpha stage but beta sounds a lot better. At this point in time halo 3 looked very very unfinished when they showed the vidoc a year before release

u got owned1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )


How is this Beta the same as H3, H3 beta came out only four months before it was released this one is coming out a year before launch. Plus, different developers.

Also compare games like Drive Club a year ago when it was delayed the graphics are much better now.

IMO first thing they need to work on is the aliasing which is really bad on the beta.

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mayberry1423d ago

Graghics Don't matter, gameplay does, and I find a lot of Halo games very boring and dull. But, overall, I do like some of the Halo games.

spicelicka1422d ago

I guess it really depends on what type of game appeals to you. I actually find Halo games to be the most satisfying and euphoric gaming experiences, for me personally. I play all kinds of games, but halo is one franchise I just can't possibly get bored of, I always come back to it.

I think to really love halo you have to put in a lot of time, until you're skilled enough to experience it how it's meant to be. But of course if it's just not appealing enough for you to invest that time, then makes sense why you find it dull.

mayberry1422d ago

I have said the exact things about the "Killzone" titles, i.e. I find most gamers who don't "get into" them as much as I do, usually haven't invested nearly enough time for them to "shine". As for Halo, I still play my "halo edition" original xbox and most Halo games on my 360, but they are slow to me...

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