Firmware 2.40 impressions: nice but broken wrote: "...Unfortunately, accessing your PS3's inbox and pairing up your headset is about all you can do from this in-game version of the XMB. Even custom soundtracks, presumed to be available, since the entire XMB was opened from within a game, haven't made the cut unless the game you're playing supports the feature. Wouldn't it be simple enough to let music play as if you're doing something such as browsing the internet or viewing photos, and allow the player to turn down the volume of the in-game music manually, at the very least? It would have been nice to have had this feature at least, especially since a few games already support custom soundtracks by themselves; it can't be too hard to implement, one would have thought..."

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fenderputty3786d ago

if it was the patent that prevents them from doing ingame xmb access to music ????

It's cool that I get to message people from different games now, but I was really hoping for something a little bit better as far as custom soundtracks are concerned. I mean ... if the developer has to implement it, what has really changed with the update? Burnout has had custom soundtracks for a while because of the developer.

I'm happy about streamlining the store further.

I'm happy about trophy support as I want to play some of my old games again. I just hope developers patch their games soon.

sonarus3786d ago

Patent has nothing to do with it. Its just has to be implemented into all games. Some games still don't support in game xmb same way as some games don't support custom soundtracks

yesah3786d ago

but im sure from now on developers will allow custom sound tracks in all future games, like rumble. I just want some soundtracks with lbp, f'in amazing.

mbmonk3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Patents DO have something to do with Custom Soundtracks. MS patented the feature to play music at the OS level. So Sony cannot implement that w/o paying Microsoft. So that is an issue.

rbanke3786d ago

It sounds like Sony intentionally is leaving it up to developers to decide if they want custom soundtracks available during the playing of their game. It's just a different viewpoint. The game experience is in the hands of the developer, if they feel custom sountracks deter from the game experience (for whatever reason) it allows them to decide to use it or not.

f7897903786d ago

If brought to court over it Microsoft would only be able to delay the ruling with its army of lawyers before losing the case. You cant say your console is the only one that can play custom music while playing games.

Pornlord3786d ago

It's a patent problem for sure. He's making a big deal out of nothing with this article (which is his job I do believe, he's a journalist) and, even though I think he's funny, he is also stirring up some unwelcomed dust.

FW 2.4 is just a base with which Sony will build the rest of the infostructure atop. Simple as that. They laid the foundation, and now it's time to build the walls and ceilings. Fix the bugs that they missed. It happens every time, you would figure people would be used to it by now.

Skerj3786d ago

The patent was filed but hasn't been issued yet, if you look at it, there's no patent number.

rickjames3786d ago

some ppl are never satisfied. im happy to even get any update for this free service.

agent8643786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

For Sony but to implement it the way that they did. So technically music is not handled by the OS but the game code. I wonder if xbox live is covered by a litany of patents that sony has to dance around. I wonder how/if cross game chat and invites are covered. It also depends upon prior art too, so sony may implement something that's patented if prior art could clearly be demonstrated.

I don't have the time but would be a cool thing to research and you may even get paid to publish it !

fenderputty3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Don't get me wrong. I'm happy about the update. I'm really happy actually. I've just been wanting to play motorstorm with my own music for a year now. lol

You guys never addressed the question though. What is really different with 2.4 than previous updates? (as far as ingame music is concerened) If its up to the developer, nothing has changed since Burnout has already had custom soundtracks for a while. What's to say that developers will continue to implement this feature in the future if it wasn't something all to common before? Does giving us access to the XMB ingame make it easier for a developer to impliment custom sound tracks?

instantstupor3786d ago

But honestly, not that big a deal to me. I only really want them for PSN titles (and a couple disc based ones), but I tend to like the game music. I like film scores and the like, and the music in games like Uncharted, MGS4 and so on are quite good and I don't feel the need to play my own music.

As for the article, I haven't messed around with music and profiles while surfing the web or looking at photos. This isn't, however, a problem for me in that I don't use those features a lot. If it really is worse than before, then I'm sorry for anyone who uses those features frequently.

I think Sony will probably release a minor firmware update in the next couple of weeks to iron out a few of the wrinkles from this update. I mean, they did change quite a lot so for it to come out perfect and pleasing everyone was slim-to-none.

I honestly feel like the writer was just trying to find reasons to hate the update. Not too familiar with sarcasticgamer so I'm not sure if there is any bias there or not. Not saying his complaints weren't justified, but I do have to say that there was clearly a negative/whiny tone with a few unnecessary comments.

And on a side note, did anyone else think the writing was poor? Lot of little grammatical errors too. I know it's going to sound like I'm knocking the guy after my less than positive take on his take on the update, but I hate poor writing. The site seems pretty legitimate, don't they have editors?

agent8643786d ago

From innerbits: wrt release 1.8

“The second new utility is a music utility, which will allow developers to give consumers the choice of streaming their own music in game. This utility’s current weight – a hefty 12MB – is likely to be reduced in future releases. Readers should note that the Xbox 360 supports a similar feature (at no extra cost to developers).”

I’m not very much in to tech, but I suppose that the “hefty 12MB” has been lowered (in 2.4)

thesummerofgeorge3786d ago

Give it time, it just came out.

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therealwillie3786d ago

i thought we all knew that to get ingame music.... the game in question would have to be patched... i wouldn't think its as simple as pressing the ps button and magic... you can play music on games released prior to 2.4

pain has ingame music by the way, its got patched

thewolf53786d ago

ur using a custom made theme, so there is absolutely no support for new icons because ur using something made from somebody who has almost 0% to do with sony

paul_war3786d ago

I was really hoping you could just play music in-game, just like you can when you are viewing photos or browsing the internet. As a standard, with games not needing patching.

In my view 2.4 puts down the framework - but there is still a lot more to do.

KingME3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

I knew Yamster would be executed for his

Aeroglyphics3786d ago

One of his complaints about the icons is actually totally invalid. He's using a custom theme that was not made with those icons (since they didn't exist at the time it was made). If he uses the default theme or even the newer Sony made themes (PSN Theme) the icons will be there. It's been this way anytime something new was introduced into the XMB and it will stay this way until the theme creator gets updated with the new icons It's ridiculous that something so trivial would even get metioned.

antvei3786d ago

Pretty sure he said he made a mistake.

Aeroglyphics3786d ago

He did apologize, but that doesn't make the fact that he even mentioned it any less trivial.

Proxy3786d ago

By the time he realized that old themes can't possibly work with new icons he had already put it into the article, and he was under so much stress he completely forgot about the backspace button.