The physical-digital turning point is right now - CI Games

Lords of the Fallen studio head Marek Tyminski says digital distribution is changing the way his company makes games.

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Ghost_Nappa1487d ago

I'm 100% digital on the x1. That way, I can buy one copy of a game and me and my brother can play it at the same time.

dazzrazz1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

2 bad you can't upgrade hard drive without loosing warranty, that's how bad Microsoft wants you to go digital... and no buying portable storage and having usb wires sticking out of a console ain't upgrading it's called expanding.

MeliMel1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

To bad you dont need to upgrade internal hdd and you can use any 3.0 usb hdd. the 3TB I have on mine. Worst use of one bubble ive seen in a while.

Edit...expanding or upgrading dont matter. You sound mad lazy too like you cant do a lil wire managing. Cant even see the wires on my setup.

ovnipc1487d ago

Shhh, dont publish that trick, the less ppl know the better. I do that too with my 2 x1.

DarkAstronaut1487d ago

If I have the choice I alway choose physical. Digital games seem to have too many problems at launch and with patches to endorse it at this point.

spacedelete1486d ago

what if the game is awful then you can't trade it in and have it sitting there inyour hard drive reminding you that you wasted money on a turd. gaming is an exposable hobby to me. once i 100% a game i sell it.

paul-p19881486d ago

I'm doing the same with my PS4, I love the convenience and if you buy cheap top-up cards (I bought a £35 PSN voucher yesterday for £28!) you normally get the games at the same price as retail so it's not too bad.

Also, I bought a 2tb HDD for PS4, hopefully that will take quite a lot of time to fill lol

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SamPao1487d ago

I only buy the physical copy if they have something special. Even if its just a t-shirt. Collectors editions are sometimes amazing

Dark_Overlord1487d ago

Have to disagree with them, all digital provides no benefit to me whatsoever. With physical I get a box, cover, manual etc (that's not including the stuff with collectors editions) and it costs far LESS!

e.g I can buy Shadow Of Mordor on PS4 boxed for £25 brand new, it's £54.99 on PSN

It's no wonder certain devs want to switch to digital, they pay less in packaging and then sell it for a higher price.

I think better management of their operating costs would help them far more, than trying to squeeze as much as possible out of consumers.

soondragon671487d ago

You forgot one of the most important aspects of physical copies. The ability to sell them.

Dark_Overlord1487d ago

I agree that is a major plus, but I've never sold a game I've purchased :) Still have Atari games boxed up somewhere :)

souldestroyer141487d ago

Manual? You mean piece of paper with advertisement for another game from the same developer? The game manual is dead. I do like physical copies but the convenience of digital out ways the coolness of a physical copy imo

Dark_Overlord1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

"convenience of digital out ways the coolness of a physical copy imo "

Have to disagree with you, with a disc I put it and and play without having to wait for a huge download (besides patches of course).

There's also the convenience of lending it to a friend

Adding to that, if I were to be without internet, or the PSN servers went down, I can still play a physical copy (as in the ability to DL the game).


rainslacker1486d ago

He's not saying that retail will go away at all, just that the uptake of digital is much higher than it ever was, in reference to their last release at least.

Basically he just says games will be sold where the gamers are. He also goes on to say that as gamers move into different purchasing spaces, the adjustment in retail space just happens naturally, which is pretty true....the market will decide.

It was a rather balanced look at the issue to be honest, particularly from a developer.

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maniac761487d ago

Derp! Obviously digi dist. Will help sales,cause peeps dont have to wait on post. But i only buy disc games cuaes they cheapr.and if u wait they get cheapr as months go bye. Buy digi when released games are same or around disc games.

OB1Biker1487d ago

yea you can always find cheaper on retail and so easy to swap with friends or trade in. I can understand why they push digital but I dont think its gamers interests

MegaRay1487d ago

I am all for a digital future if games cost $20 less ($40 should be the maximum)

TheDivine1486d ago

I'd rather wait a month and buy physical for 40 dollars than have a game I can't sell, borrow, put in my game collection and all of that. Plus on consoles digital games stay priced highly for a very long time since there's no compition. With physical games you can get every game brand new for 40 right now due to GCU and all the various retailers price wars.

The day I have to buy digital is the day I stop gaming or pirate every title. I'm a gamer and a collector. No physical copy means no buy. I don't mind having both but a purely digital system is doomed to failure. Even PC has physical releases.

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