Here’s How To Remote Play PS4 Games On PC

GG3 writes: "Not content with the Remote Play functionality for Playstation 4 as it is now, some users have taken the connection to a new level. Through some workarounds, it’s possible to run a PS4 remotely through any PC setup."

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DragoonsScaleLegends3021d ago

Sony should just release the app for PC.

NuggetsOfGod3021d ago

Hmm then can use mouse for killzone?

DragoonsScaleLegends3021d ago

The PS4 controller works on PC and I doubt they would give you the option to use a mouse and keyboard if they ever released remote play on PC.

Revengeance3021d ago

Gotta admit this is pretty impressive.

Bigpappy3021d ago

Would be more useful if it allowed a second player or even more to use it as a separate screen in multiplayer games, rather than using split screen.

As it is, I would rather just use the tv that it's connected to.

Neixus3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I don't think you know how these things work ;p

If it was acting as a second screen, the PS4 would have to run two instances of the same game. Which boils down to that it actually manages splitscreen, and might aswell just play splitscreen in the couch.

Also, remote play. Keyword; remote. It's for people that are away, who don't have the oppurtunity to use the tv that it's connected to.

ravens523021d ago

It actually has the option, "use as second screen". That's for split screen. Ie. When I bought play station all stars battle Royale on ps3 and I had my vita paired to it me and a friend played. He used my vita and I used my TV. We each had our own screens no split screen.

mixelon3021d ago

Holy crap! I know what I'm doing tomorrow morning.

That's just potentially saved me the cost of a PS:TV (£50) and I can use bandicam/fraps on this method instead of my Elgato. Cheap workaround. :)

Seriously this could make some stuff so much more straightforward for me, I hope it gets a decent picture. (My pc and ps4 are on different floors of the house but I'd like to be able to play ps4 in office occasionally)