Shadow of Mordor design director on the Nemesis System: “Baby steps” to a larger goal

Bioshock creator Ken Levine recently wrote a piece on how Monolith Productions’ Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor inspired various ideas he wishes to incorporate into his unannounced video game project.

Interestingly enough, Shadow of Mordor‘s design director, Michael de Plater recently discussed how Levine’s Bioshock series inspired Shadow of Mordor - stating that Monolith favored Bioshock‘s method of environmental storytelling, but wanted to devise a way in which the narrative didn’t just look or feel real, but was real – leading to Shadow of Mordor‘s lauded Nemesis System.

However, as well-received as it was, de Plater calls what they have accomplished "baby steps" towards a much larger goal.

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LostPotato2470d ago

I hated the system, Sorry someone had to say it after all the praise it gets. I hate the game also due to the high re- spawn rates.

Psychotica2469d ago

Well I guess there had to be someone that hated it. I thought it was pretty cool..

C-H-E-F2469d ago

The only issue I had with the game was the boss battles at the end like I felt like I wasted all my time with these epic battles and missions to end it with a QTE a simple QTE at that. Other than that I loved the game and welcomed it as the latest game to my Platinum Trophy Wall :D.

OpieWinston2470d ago

Here's hoping WB Games gives them a massive budget and they have two teams pushing with this.

One focused on making Middle Earth a AAA GOTY franchise
And another focused on bringing some DC character to life.

WB Games needs more then just Rocksteady/WB Montreal/Netherrealms working on DC games and Monoliths Nemesis system is the perfect thing for a Super hero game where you fight villains.

Or even an Anti hero game with a character like Deathstroke always having another bounty to hunt down.

Relientk772470d ago

I hope they expand more into the Lord of Rings universe, and back into the books/movies. I would love to play as Aragorn, Legolas, Gandalf, hell even Frodo he would be very stealthy he's hard to see.

katzura662470d ago

I hope their next project is not overhyped, because we know what happens when fans have unrealistic expectations.