Deals: Alien: Isolation $18, DA: Inquisition $45, Shadow of Mordor $14, Year of Xbox Live Gold $34

A lot of deals is available, featuring titles such as Dragon Age: Inquisition, Alien: Isolation, Shadow of Mordor, Titanfall,...

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XboxDD3469d ago

A fine price for Gold.
Not so fine for DA: Inquisition, overpriced.

2pacalypsenow3469d ago

lol DA : Inquisition at $45 is madness .
Worth every penny im so close to the Platinum trophie

awi59513468d ago

It needs to be lower because they made the console focused dragon age 2 which was crap compared to origins. Im so happy i didnt believe the hype on that one and waited for the reviews.

JoeDaniel3469d ago

a normally $60 game for $45 with over 100 hours worth of content? Just admit you're not a Dragon Age fan lol

awi59513468d ago

IM a huge dragon age fan i just dont forgive them for dragon age 2 because i loved origins so much.

Blaze9293468d ago

why are you all arguing over the value of a dollar to someone else? You see where the problem is lol...

USMC_POLICE3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

Its an amazing game

Maxor3468d ago

DA: Inquisition is a GOTY. $45 is a good deal.

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Applejack3469d ago

I want to buy a year of Gold but I'm iffy about buying a random key from China. Anyone else have a positive experience with this?

traumadisaster3468d ago

Not being rude, but how does that link help me choose to trust this deal?

traumadisaster3468d ago

It's $40 when the us version is placed in cart...

JoeDaniel3469d ago

"A lot of deals is available"? Doesn't anyone read aloud the things they write?

ElementX3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

I've purchased from G2A a number of times but sometimes I wonder if the codes are stolen because they are so cheap. I'd feel bad if I were cheating some developer out of money. The prices are just too good to pass up though.

Dinkis3468d ago

Just bought xboxlive gold for my son and it worked so I'm happy

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banger8868d ago

Alien Trilogy is great as well and still holds up good even today.


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DefenderOfDoom297d ago

Played and enjoyed Far Cry, Far Cry 3 and 4 campaigns .

-Foxtrot97d ago

4 wasn’t so bad

Pagan Min was pretty entertaining