PlanetXbox360 Reviews WALL-E: The Game

The game will only take most gamers five hours, at most, to complete, but it does offer a little bonus replay value in the way of same-console multiplayer modes. The game offers four different games for two to four gamers to tackle together. There are three adversarial modes, including a robot take on tag and timed keep-away contests, and one co-operative game where gamers work together to add time to a constantly draining timer by throwing blocks. They are all rather basic, but do add some additional worth to item collection in the game, as the various maps for the games are unlocked in the story mode. There are certainly bigger offenders in the 'bad movie-game' pantheon of games, but Wall-E is in the team photo, and has better source material than most to pull from. Gamers just do not expect much of movie-based games anymore, but the lack of story, repetitive gameplay, and nagging camera issues make this one hard to recommend even for the younger gamers.

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