Diablo III is the PS4's best co-op title and it's only £25

[Update: also available for £20 on Xbox One.]

Dealspwn writes: Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition has held its value incredibly well since release, but this is the cheapest price I've sen for it yet. This is for a preowned copy, but with stores healthily spread around the country, you're easily covered if there are any issues.

I'm 70 hours in and yet to get bored with Diablo III on PS4. It's the co-op that's really pulled me in though, and I can't think of a game that I've played more in couch co-op since Street of Rage 2. With controls perfectly mapped to the controller, this was well worth the wait on consoles.

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UnHoly_One2033d ago

This game is about as much fun as you can have in co-op.

Rhezin2033d ago

Can't wait for HELLDIVERS to take that crown.