PlayStation Exclusive Dragon Quest Heroes Gets a Fantastic and Colorful New Trailer

Today marks the beginning of Jump Festa in Tokyo, and to celebrate the event Square Enix released a brand new trailer of the upcoming PlayStation exclusive Dragon Quest Heroes.

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Ranma12022d ago

Will sell PS4's in Japan.

Godmars2902021d ago

Maybe. Maybe not.

How did the Zelda Dynasty Warrior's "clone" do there?

Know that this is Dragon Warrior, the series that's like a national holiday when a new one is released, but still, they're supposedly more into iOS and handheld.

vishmarx2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

you sound like youre hoping it fails


stay in your baement
nobody's forcing you to buy it

NewMonday2021d ago

the developers stated its an action/RPG and not the usual Dynasty clone, Yuji Horii is working with them on it.

Godmars2902021d ago


Don't fool yourself; its a DW clone that is made by the exact same company which makes DW. Then again by the Zelda version they're doing things with it that they haven't in however many versions of DW they've made.

"you sound like youre hoping it fails"

Um, no. But I am a realist. While I look forward to the game, since it was shown off at a US Sony event, I'm just not that interested if it moves PS4s in Japan. If it does so much the better, but I've been done with measuring my enjoyment of a title by how well it sells. That's just stupid.

NewMonday2021d ago


the development team also made Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll, it was an actionRPG with big battles, also Toukiden (they said it will have an influence on DQH) so it's not just Dynasty games that they make.

also they just announced the game will have monster collecting, they can be used in battles, this is not a dynasty feature. the game is shaping up to be a true combination of DQ&Dynasty not just a charterer re-skin.

and the developers didn't want to make the Zelda games a Dynasty clone, they wanted to have dungeons and exploration combined with the Dynasty combat but Miyamoto to them no.

Tito082021d ago

"How did the Zelda Dynasty Warriors "Clone" do there?"

It is a very well known fact the Zelda games doesn't do that well in Japan and isn't that popular compared to the west, and reason they made Hylure Warriors was definitely to attract the Japanese since they do like their DW games, while Dragon Quest is extremely popular in that region, really can't use Zelda for your argument.

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Majin-vegeta2022d ago

I hope this makes it to the west

Highlife2022d ago

Thought I would give it a look it did say fantastic in the title but wow what garbage. Stay in the east.

miyamoto2022d ago

I love Akira "Dragon Ball" Toriyama's art style on one of my highly anticipated title from Enix.

Relientk772022d ago

Hopefully this comes to North America, followed by a Dragon Quest JRPG

enamiiz2022d ago

When was the last time DQ was localised, 2010, with Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation (DS) and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 (DS)? :(

Bring over Heroes along with VII (3DS), I'll buy both, no questions.

pelida2022d ago

The few moments of gameplay showed look better than the CG parts

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The story is too old to be commented.