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Richard Berry of This is Xbox writes, "We all have that one special game that got us hooked. Halo 2 hooked me into multiplayer gaming – and as much as I enjoyed Halo 3 and 4, nothing compared to the fun I had back on my original Xbox. 343 Industries have been at the helm of the franchise for some time now but Halo 5: Guardians is their first step into new-gen. OK, so there is Halo: The Master Chief Collection… but Halo 5: Guardians is truly our first real glimpse at 343i’s vision for the series on Xbox One."

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MadMenX2027d ago

So far, Its rocking for me.

voltron4201702027d ago

Game is completely awesome and it's still a year out!!! It's a Halo for a new generation of gamers.. played about 10 games and it is SICK!

Illusive_Man2027d ago

I love how in the Halo 5 beta I feel like I have a "chance" with every weapon and the new abilities. 1 on 1s are going to come down to the more skilled player. Aim down sights with left trigger feels incredible.
SMG finally has the kick it needed.
Assault Rifle is finally a very decent starting weapon.
Battle Rifle feels excellent, as does the DMR but they serves very different roles
Sniper rifle is buttery smooth. The ADS feels very natural.
Sprint/Shield balancing is great.
Ground Pound is very difficult to pull off but it looks like it would feel very satisfying
Sword design isn't my favorite
I enjoy the announcer, especially when he says "Double Kill"
I often forget to use the thruster pack but it is very useful for getting out of a bad 1 on 1, or doing a Melee
Hearing the Spartans communicate is a welcome change
When announcer reveals power weapon drop the battles to get the weapon are insane!!!
"Clambering" is fun and useful when sneaking around the map.
Overall like what I see so far. The game is sick!

Revolt132027d ago

I've played every Halo game.
And to me, this is by far, the best gameplay of the series

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The story is too old to be commented.