Sega: From Triumph to Tragedy

Chances are if you have lived through the 90s, you had either played or owned one of Sega’s most popular consoles like the Genesis/Mega Drive and the Dreamcast. It is interesting that both these consoles are a reminder of both Sega’s innovative peak and also its last hurrah.

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joyride912026d ago

Sega will always be remembered as an unsung hero. A warrior that fought till the last breath. A true gaming empire. I loved my Genesis and still miss the endless tennis and Soul Calibur sessions on my roommate's Dreamcast.

gangsta_red2026d ago

Good little story but it's missing a lot of key components that added to Sega's downfall.

Dreamcast failed mainly due to 3rd party support pulling out of making games for them. A lot of big name 3rd party devs felt burned that Sega pulled the plug on Saturn so early. 3rd party devs had a lot of games still in development for the Saturn only to find out that Sega would no longer support it. This and the fact that Sega released the console early for only certain retailers also put Sega on the sh!t list.

Because they offered their Saturn system early to some retailers, the other retailers decided to not even carry the Sega console and I think even blacklisted the Dreamcast when it came out (i think).

All in all, a lot of poor decisions and bad play calls. Which is a shame because Sega systems have always been ahead of the curb, maybe too far ahead, because a lot of their features just didn't work well...Madden on a 56k modem...whooo boy....

Knightofelemia2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

You also forgot the fact that 3rd party developers were pissed at Sega for jumping the gun on the Saturn. Hence most of the stuff went to the Playstation. The fact back then Sega was running around with there head cut off Japan said one thing North America and Europe did another thing. Japan wanted one thing North America and Europe wanted another thing. Sega North America was trying to pump a bit more life out of the Genesis adding the 32x to it and Sega Japan wanted to release the Saturn. The other fact the Sega of America VP said in an interview that the Saturn would fail. Hence why game support was shying away from the Saturn, North America wanted the 32X and Sega Japan wanted the Saturn. So buying a Saturn on day one launch was a big surprise plus there was barley any titles for the console at the time. Plus the Saturn also had a $399 price tag while the PS1 had a $299 price tag.

The reason why the Dreamcast failed was because Sega was strapped for cash and the PS2 came out which blew the Dreamcast out of the water and it also included a DVD rom. But the Dreamcast was ahead of its time including a modem built in for network playing and the Sega network for that online playability. Sega failed mainly because of management everybody wanting something different and not communicating with each other they were always having a pissing contest.

joyride912023d ago

Imagine if the Dreamcast survived. I think its failure made way for the Xbox and the rest is history.

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CorndogBurglar2026d ago

I will always remember my Genesis. One of the best consoles of all time in my opinion.

Inception2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

I'm a big fans of Sega and i followed them from Genesis era. Really sad when they're not localize most of their games and even abandon some of their iconic franchise like Virtua Fighter :'(

But i think they're not a complete tragedy. They still made great games like Yakuza series, Phantasy Star, Shining, and the latest Alien Isolation. Maybe there's still hope for them...The only thing i can do are pray and support them when they make good decisions (like localize Yakuza 5, even though that thx to sony).

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