DailyGame Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Review

DailyGame writes: "I'm sure I'll take a lot of grief for saying this, but Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit is surprisingly reminiscent of Tecmo's Dead or Alive games. Both are accessible fighting games to the point that they almost delve into button mashing, which in and of itself distinguishes them from the Soulcalibers and Virtua Fighters of the world. DBZ: Burst Limit also gives Xbox 360 and PS3 owners very little exposition about the characters' stories, much like DOA focuses more on "bounce physics" and pretty cut scenes than it does deep narratives. But perhaps most important, DBZ Burst Limit, like DOA, is clearly created with fans in mind, as it includes plenty of nods to DBZ lore and character dynamics. Unfortunately, that's also the game's downfall when it comes to mainstream appeal."

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